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How to get Essence

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Essence is a valuable material in Airship Knights, it's primary function is to level up the airship facility and for research and training.

There are a number of ways to get free essence in Airship Knights, here is a rundown...

How to get Essence

Voyage Log

This is a really easy way to get free essence. You Voyage Log rewards accumulate over time, until the max time is reached. Usually with Voyage Log rewards you get Metal, which is used to upgrade your engine, Magicite, which is used to level up your knights and captain, and essence which is used for airship facility and for research and training.

As well as waiting for your Voyage Log rewards to accumulate you also have the option to watch video ads in order to get some extra rewards and is a good way to quickly get some free essence. You have 5 opportunities per day to get free extra Voyage Log rewards.

Don't forget, that watching a video ad like this will add a stamp into Albi's Stamp Book, when you get 20 stamps you get an extra reward too. Such as 500 gems.

Mail Rewards

Check your in-game mail, often there will be claimable essence there, as well as other free rewards.

Wheel of Fortune

You can access the Wheel of Fortune from the main game screen, look in the set of icons in the top left of the game screen, tap the one that looks like a ships steering wheel, and you get one free spin per day. Alternatively you can watch a video ad for more free spins.

Steel Cemetery

Another way to get free essence is to play the Steel Cemetery, you can find this game mode by heading to the World Map, if it's not available, then you just have to level up a bit more. Rewards from this game mode include Cores, which are used to upgrade Airship Parts, Magicite, which is used to level up knights and your captain, and of course, essence, which you use to upgrade your airship facility and for research and training.


You can also get free essence daily by tapping the diamond icon in the bottom right of the game screen. This will take you to the shop. At the top of the shop page you will see that you can collect free essence for nothing. You can get more free essence by watching video ads using the option in the shop.

If you know other ways to get free essence in Airship Knights, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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