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Airship upgrades stay with you in the game and do not reset even after you have returned home. There are a number of different upgrade options which become unlocked as you increase your level in the game.

Control Room

The main upgrade is in the Control Room, this will dictate the max level that you can upgrade the other options to.

Leveling up the Control Room will also increase the speed of Magicite Acquisition which is used to upgrade your knights and captain, and also increases the other facility max levels.

In each of the facilities you have to set a formation, this basically means that you assign two knights to the facility to help with whatever that facility room does. The easiest option is to just use the Arrange All button which will assign what the game thinks are the best two knights for the positions.

Also in the Control Room you can change airship. Different Airships offer different buffs such as increased attack speed. As you level up in the game you will unlock the remaining airships and then you can mount them to utilize them in the game.

Changing your airship does not reset any of the airship facilities.

Engine Room

Upgrading the engine room increases the mana acquisition rate. Mana is used to increase your Enchant levels. This is the first tab on the bottom left of the game screen. Your enchant levels are reset when you return home with the airship, so you constantly need good mana acquisition rates to build up your enchant levels again after returning home and being reset.

Mana is also obtained through the course of play when you defeat monsters.

The other way to increase mana production is to increase the actual level of your engine. This is done via the second tab at the bottom of the game screen. The higher the level the more mana is generated per time period.


The steelmill is the next facility to become unlocked, here you can increase the speed of metal acquisition when you level up this facility.

Remember, like the other rooms to set two knights to buff the room. You can use the arrange all button to do this very easily.

Tip: Even if you have knights allocated to the room, tapping the Arrange All button will see if you have any new knights that are better suited to a room.


The Laboratory is an important facility, it is where you can complete various research tasks in order for some great boosts and buffs, including increasing the max voyage log time which is important because you can gain more rewards for more hours when you are offline.

Upgrading the Laboratory will increase the research speed, it's actually not that critical to get the laboratory to too high of a level, but more important to spend the essence on actual research items.

Scroll down the research list and you will see an incredible number of items that you can research for boosts. Look out for the cheap ones, and get most of them done first, then go back and increase your Voyage Log Max Time plus any others that you think are useful.

Laboratory Upgrades

Laboratory Upgrades

Spending essence on decreasing the facility level up cost is a good investment, because the cost of leveling up facilities does increase quite a lot when you reach higher levels.

You can use Diamonds to speed up the research process. You get Diamonds from mail rewards and by completing quests as you play through the game.


The Kitchen is unlocked when you reach adventure level 12. In the kitchen you can increase your main stage HP and also get some main stage damage immunity.

As with any new facility that opens, we recommend that you use spare essence to make those initial cheap upgrades at first as these initial levels do give good buffs for the amount of essence spent.

Remember that you can bring down the cost of facility upgrades by completing certain research items in the Laboratory.

Training Room

In the Training Room, which is also unlocked at adventure level 12, you can buff your knights with training items, much like you can buff your airship in the laboratory.

Training is completed using essence and increasing your training room level will decrease the time it takes for these training items to complete, but more importantly, will unlock more training items when certain levels are reached.

Definitely a good idea to get at least some of the initial training room items completed with essence

Other Facilities in the Airship include MOD Room and Strategy Room. These become unlocked with further upgrades to the game to come.

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