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Whiteout Survival is a base building and survival game set in the cold wilderness. Apart from building your base, you'll also need to keep your survivors happy, join a good alliance and gather a ton of resources.

Our beginners guide will point you in the direction with tips on upgrading, getting an extra builder queue, collecting resources, how to get rare things, how to keep your survivors happy and loads more.

First of all, check out our beginner tips below, before diving deeper into some of the subject areas we have about Witeout Survival in the various pages of our guide.

Whiteout Survival Beginner Tips Guide

Here are a few getting started tips for the game. Check these out before selecting more pages from our guide.

1. Get the 2nd Builder Queue

We don't usually spend money on games, why? I guess we are just a bit old school like that... Or stingy! But for games that we love, and for offers that give good value we are not afraid to dust off the old wallet and make a purchase.

And the 2nd builder queue is a decent investment for not a great deal of cash, if you like the game and want to make progress a bit quicker.

Waiting around for your builder to finish is generally annoying too, so having a second builder available to use does help a lot.

Alternatively you don't have to purchase a second builder, you can also use gems to get a temporary second builder which is also a good option and allows you to get through a lot of builds quickly in 24 hours.

There is also a possibility of unlocking another builder when you reach VIP level 6 if I remember correctly! But please check the VIP level rewards before counting on this. We've already paid to unlock the 2nd builder queue so are not able to unlock another builder at VIP level 6.

2. Join an Alliance

But not just any alliance! Find an alliance that already has a lot of people and that is already a decent level. Also one that speaks your language would probably be preferable!

When joining an alliance you should really teleport to the alliance territory, this is easy to do as you start the game with some teleports in your backpack.

Find a spare space in your alliance's territory and make the move!

Teleport Close to Your Alliance
Teleport Close to Your Alliance

Once you are part of the alliance you'll benefit from alliance rewards, have the ability to join rallies and get help from alliance members to speed up your building and research.

You should also look out for opportunities to help alliance members, to participate in alliance building construction and to contribute to alliance tech.

As part of alliance you are most likely expected to maintain a certain amount of activity in the game, especially in alliances which are competitive or have a lot of high power players. If this is not for you, then perhaps find a more casual alliance that fits in with your style of play.

3. Spend Your Gems!

There is no point in hording your gems in the beginning of the game, you may as well spend them in order to get things done and avoid the wait times.

It's very easy to get free gems in the game, especially as you complete missions and events.

4. Recruit Heroes

Use your keys in the Hero Hall building to recruit new heroes, get shards to improve heroes and get more resources and speed ups too.

If you have the keys, you may as well spend them and make some recruitments. There is the Advanced recruitment option and the Epic recruitment option. The Epic one give the chance of the better rewards such as top tier heroes and shards.

5. Keep Upgrading

Keep upgrading, researching and training. On the left of the main game screen there is a slide out tab which shows you the status of your builders, research and training, if anything is idle see if you can get something going.

Upgrades in Research
Upgrades in Research

The quick link arrows from that menu will take you to where you need to go to start a build, research or training.

Also don't forget to upgrade your heroes, that's really important for missions in the game and to complete more explorations. From the Exploration Cabin you can go through levels which give you essential rewards such as steel, so these are really important to consider and you will be able to get through the most if you have high level heroes.

Exploration Cabin to get Steel for Upgrades
Exploration Cabin to get Steel for Upgrades

Concentrate first on your top level heroes and work your way down until you have 5 leveled up as far as your furnace will allow, this will help in the exploration tasks.


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