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Gina's Revenge

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Gina is a top hero, and if you want to bag some easy Gina shards then the Gina's Revenge challenge is for you, all you need are some Horns of the Cryptid, a decent amount of Chief Stamina and a helpful alliance to join you in rallies.

We give you the full rundown of everything you need to do to get these free Gina shards in Gina's Revenge Below

Gina's Revenge Event

Gina's Revenge Event

How to Play Gina's Revenge

First of all you'll need some Horns of the Cryptid in order to Find a Cryptid on the map.

If you have any horns, you'll find them in your backpack, in the 'Other' tab. If you don't have any horns, then simply search for beasts on the map and defeat them during the Gina's Revenge event for a chance to get a Horn of Cryptid as part of the rewards for defeating a beast.

So, assuming you now have some Horns of the Cryptid, head to the event page for Gina's Revenge and click on the button, 'Find a Cryptid' .

An Out of Control Cryptid will appear on the map, you now need to tap the rally button which costs 25 Chief Stamina (if you need more, check out our How to Get More Chief Stamina page).

Rally that Cryptid!

Rally that Cryptid!

Now with the rally started, you just need other members of your alliance to join in order for the rally to set off and do battle. If your alliance is not very active then try the 10 minute option. But for some alliances the 5 minute option should be fine. See what works for you!

To complete Gina's Revenge and get rewarded with 10 Gina shards, you just have to initiate 10 event rallies, it doesn't matter if they succeed of not.

Then you'll be able to claim the 10 Gina Shards.

Event Rewards

Event Rewards

Rally Participation Rewards

But it doesn't end there, there is also an opportunity to get more rewards by participating in rallies which are initiated by other members of your alliance.

The best way to ensure that you participate in rallies is to click on the Alliance tab, then click on Wars, then select the Auto Join option. Here you can select to Auto Join rallies, which is really useful for both you and other alliance members to ensure that their rallies are filled.

Auto Join Rallies

Auto Join Rallies

Participating in Events is a great way to earn extra rewards in Whiteout Survival, check out our guides to other events such as Mercenary Prestige to learn more about bagging great rewards in events in this game.

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