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Top War Battle Game is a cross between a merging game and a long term base builder sim. We take a look at what the game is all about and offer some of our best Top War Battle Game tips aimed at helping players out that are getting started in the game.

Top War Battle Game Tips

There's a lot to do in Top War Battle Game, so having a plan of the best actions to take and when to make them will maximise the progress in the game quickly. Read on for our best Top War: Battle Game tips.

1. Keep Building and Merging
Take the opportunity to build and merge whenever you can. When you start the game you'll need to level up your barracks and gold mines, and you do this by building loads and merging them. You'll also need certain materials to help with the upgrade process when you reach new milestones, so keep an eye on your tech research chests, and look our for opportunities to get more upgrade materials on the map such as battling the Dark Legion on the map or attacking Warhammer.

2. Clear More Space
The more space you can clear in your base, the more space you'll have to build armies and buildings for merging and upgrading.

3. Follow your Task List
At the bottom of the main game screen there is an exclamation mark (!), that will list the latest tasks you should complete. This list gives you a good idea of what to do next in order to pick up some easy rewards. Most of these will involve creating higher level barracks or gold mine, merging a higher level unit, clearing space on the map, or defeating a new level of dark forces on the map. So keep churning through these to get more research materials, shards and coins.
Check The Tasks List for the Next Jobs to Do
Check The Tasks List for the Next Jobs to Do

4. Unlock a second march
It can be frustrating to have a single march, and while you can pay to unlock another march, you can also get a 2nd march for free. To do this you'll need to upgrade the main Tech in the HQ to level 25.

5. Check for Events
In most games events that occur sporadically or regularly in a game can often bring some great and relatively easy rewards. Check the events tab in the game to see what's going on now.

6. Check your inventory and open chests
There is no sense in leaving chest in your inventory, you may as well open them up and get what is inside so you have the usable materials. To do this, tap your bag icon, then go through your chests and open them all to get what's inside.
Check Your Inventory and Open Your Chests
Check Your Inventory and Open Your Chests

7. Unlock your Arsenals and Get Components
When you reach level 14 you will unlock the Arsenal upon clearing a zone, this will allow you to start adding buffs to your units, it's a great feature to strength your units for battle. When you reach other level milestones more slots become unlocked so you can apply more buffs to your troops. Like buildings and troops you can also merge components. You can also unlock suppress and equipment in your arsenal too once you have reached certain levels to power up your units even more.

8. Upgrade you Heroes
Tap the officers hat to go to the heroes menu then tap your best hero to see if he can be upgraded or promoted. Using your upgrade and promotion resources is important so you will strength your whole army in battle.
Upgrade Your Heroes Whenever You Can
Upgrade Your Heroes Whenever You Can

9. Join a Clan
Joining a clan, even if you don't intend to interact with other people in the game is a good thing to do generally because you'll get all sorts of clan bonus rewards that you would not get if you were playing with no clan. As you progress in the game, look for more active clans for better rewards.

10. Collect Your VIP Rewards
Even VIP 0 players get a reward, so don't forget to tap the VIP icon daily to claim your VIP bonus. In Top War Battle Game, VIP points can only be purchased, so if you want to get off level 0, you'll have to part with some cash.

11. Tap the Activities Tap for More Rewards
The activities tab is located to the left of the task list icon (the exclamation mark). This will list the activities that are currently available for you to participate in based on your level and reset every day. Completing these activities is a great and easy way to get free rewards in the game.

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