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Top War Gift Codes (Updated Jan 2021)

Updated: Jan 29th 2022

Top War Battle Game is a super fun merge and battle game which is easy to play, looks great and the developers even give out free gift codes too, so it's easy to get free gems and other rewards. Read on to find out how to find and redeem free gift codes.

Top War Gift Codes (Updated Jan 2021)
Top War Gift Codes (Updated Jan 2021)

Top War Battle Game Gift Codes 2021

Here are the latest Top War Battle Game Gift codes for 2021. Simply enter any of the following codes in the gift code entry screen.

To get there, you have to click your avatar, then click settings, then click gift code.

Tap Your Avatar to get to this screen, then tap settings, and then gift codes
Tap Your Avatar to get to this screen, then tap settings, and then gift codes

From there you can try any of the following gift codes for a free reward, which usually includes free gems!

Latest Top War Codes

niconicopremiumdayTap to copy

Redeem this code to receive exclusive rewards (New)

T0PWAR2022Tap to copy

Redeem this code to receive 2 Lv. 3 CPNT Chests and other exclusive rewards

theZimvideoTap to copy

Redeem this code to get 100 Gems, 100K Food and 100K Fuel

Eid2021Tap to copy

Redeem this code to get 10 Shining Gold Chest, 30 1-hour speed ups and 5 Small VIT Capsules

Expired Top War Codes

The following codes no longer work in the game.

























All gift codes do have a limited life span, so by the time you read this list, the gift codes may no longer work, and may have expired. But please check back often as Top War gift codes can be released at any time, and when we find out about them, we'll be pasting them to this page, along with any others that you may have missed.

What sort of free gifts can I get

All sorts of items can be found when you redeem the gift codes. For most of the codes we have tried we got gems, or gems and something else such as free energy.

Gift Code Rewards
Gift Code Rewards

How to find more Top War Battle Game Gift Codes

We find the Top War Battle Game gift codes you see on this page by visiting the social media sites of the game as the offical Facebook and offical Twitter sites. But you may find it easier to just visit this page as we will have the codes soon after they are released, and you'll also be able to check through and see that you haven't missed any too.

Gift Code Entry Screen
Gift Code Entry Screen

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