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Taichi Panda Cheats and Tips

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First World Walkthrough and Money Saving Guide
Level 6 Right after the tutorial is finished you will be at character level 6, go ahead and collect all of your “Thanks for being here!” rewards ..
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What is "Penta-Plunder?"
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Taichi Panda Updates

Taichi Panda Expansion to Launch Today
Taichi Panda Expansion to Launch Today
Taichi Panda is set to launch the Teumessian Update today.
Top 8 Changes in the Upcoming Teumessa Taichi Panda Update
Top 8 Changes in the Upcoming Teumessa Taichi Panda Update
In the next few days, Snail Games has promised Taichi Panda fans an incredible update complete with some fan requested changes ..
Taichi Panda Opens New US Server
Taichi Panda Opens New US Server
On the cusp of a huge update to the freeplay action RPG from Snail Games, Taichi Panda has opened a new server to accommodate the ..
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Taichi Panda FAQs

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What is better net damage or damage and why

Net Damage is the amount of damage that will be dealt to an enemy regardless of that enemy's damage reduction. So, it is pretty much a set amount of harm that will be inflicted to any enemy regardless of how protected it is. Net Damage increases are generally much smaller numbers than Damage increases. Damage is the measure of how dangerous you are, but this number will be offset and reduced by the enemy's defenses. It is safe to say that general Damage is more beneficial in early game, but Net Damage get more important as enemies build up defenses (or if you try to go up against the mega boss.) It is tough to say for sure though, as the game has no Bestiary or indication of Might for the bad guys, so we just get to try, guess and hope. But overall, try to keep a balance of the two with Net Damage being more important in the later rounds.

I am survival spec essentially. 630 dodge, 530 crit resist and 850 crit reduction. 280,000 damage, 520 crit 550 hit. 4.5million hp and 70million dmg reduction, 65% dmg inc and 105% dMG reduction. So why do I get killed by earth clans dmg deflect pets in pvp before I can even down them half way. The actual person I'm fighting with earth clan usually just runs and hides and let's me kill myself on his/her pets. SOOOOOOO!! I want to know if there is any counter at all to help me negate all my dmg being deflected back on myself by simply doing the main function of the game.....fighting a enemy to the death. Please tell me just like every other Stat in game there is a counter stat for dmg deflection. I have 1.43million might 2 star (41) and honestly think I would lose to a lvl 80 if they had a maxed earth clan with certain pets. Tell me how this is fair, if you can convince me it is then pls tell me how to counter it?

Not enough defense. Also no where near enough attack power. I was 700k might want 200k damage. I’m 22 million might now and I’m a crit attack build with damage/ defense. I’m number 3 in game in terms of ability.

What is the dmg boost attribute? If I have a dmg of 20k, and got 10% dmg boost, will it increase to 22k in my stats? Or it will increase when I hit the target?

There's 2 types of base damage increases. The one u speak of that is in % form listed with your other stats and can range from 0 to 80% (as far as I've seen screen shots of from u.s. tcp servers) do not cage your visible damage total so I assume they go into affect upon player using skill/casting. There is one that does make your overall dmg number go up that's visible to you in toon gear/backpack page and also found in your stats. It's obtainable through belt equipment combination bonuses to that specific gears assigned damage value, with it found upon inspecting each gearside stats and scrolling to very bottom. This same type of buff can be rolled/won when applying grand attributes to gear. IE: Gears damage is increased by 15%. To make it even more confusing you can also roll/win overall dmg % increase usually in the 3 to 5% ranges. These are identical to first discussed and do not visibly make your overall dmg go up in value.

What is the use of damage deflect ?

It's another way to allow new players that haven't invested years or savings funds yet a way of immediately overpowering every player that has. It takes the strong players dmg and can bounce it back at them sometimes at a 50% return rate. So if you hit hard, and hit your aponnents pets a couple of times then have those same pets dmging you with your enemy as well one can find themselves with 0 life in a instant and dead. Without your enemy actually requiring to have any skill, gear, play tactics, nor smarts. If you feel like man I suck, I just started playing and these players with 2 yrs headstart keep beating me up....then happy day happy day stack dmg deflect and put pets in earth clan(deflect) and you can instantly and magically win 90% of the pvp matches you enter....Abra Cadabra no.te.no money no skill but total ownage.

Why is it not letting me exalt armor

Exalting and Ultra Surge are level-locked. What level are you? ... + 6 More Answers

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In the World of Pandas, Taichi Panda is King
In the World of Pandas, Taichi Panda is King
Created by Snail Games and released this week in the US, Taichi Panda will transport you to a world full of bloodthirsty demons, giant pigs and some just all-around bad guys. ..Read full review
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