Taichi Panda
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Taichi Panda

Snail Games USA, Inc.
Version: 4.1.0 | 12+

Taichi Panda is a fast-paced Kungfu-themed dungeon crawler. Grow your character and restore the cosmic balance in an exciting free-to-play online adventure.


A Stunning Martial Arts Adventure

Enter a world of goblins, bandits, and pandas as you adventure through graphically stunning maps in full 3D environments. Bash your way to the center of the mystery with a fast and fluid animation style built on full-body motion capture.

Unlock the Ultimate Fist

Fight through hordes of enemies with a fast-paced combat system. Use a mixture of speed, strength and skill, combining aerial attacks and combo moves to devastate the enemy. Explore twisting labyrinths, avoid precarious traps, and defeat powerful bosses!

Upgrade Everything

Level up your character to unlock powerful new abilities. Upgrade and refine your gear to bolster your power, and unleash elemental magic through ancient runes. Develop your Pets, special battle companions with their own unique progression and skills.

Play in Real-time with Friends

Play in real-time multiplayer with friends and strangers. Become the ultimate Taichi champion with PvP arenas and battlefields. Team up with fellow adventurers in group dungeons to face off against formidable Bosses.


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Taichi Panda Expansion to Launch Today
Taichi Panda Expansion to Launch Today
Taichi Panda is set to launch the Teumessian Update today.
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In the World of Pandas, Taichi Panda is King
In the World of Pandas, Taichi Panda is King
Created by Snail Games and released this week in the US, Taichi Panda will transport you to a world full of bloodthirsty demons, giant pigs and some just all-around bad guys. ..Read full review
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