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Taichi Panda Opens New US Server

by CheerfulStar (Mallary)Mar 19th 2015

On the cusp of a huge update to the freeplay action RPG from Snail Games, Taichi Panda has opened a new server to accommodate the onslaught.


Taichi Panda Opens New US Server

Taichi Panda, as of 10 AM EST March 19, 2015, has opened a new US server- Wysteria Gardens to ease traffic on the original two US servers. This brings the grand total up to seven servers for countries all around the globe. A day has passed since the opening and Wysteria is already the online gathering place for more than 5,000 US panda warriors.

Since it's arrival on The App Store, Taichi Panda has been plagued (or blessed?) by busy servers and Network Errors due to the thousands of gamers ready to take on the dark, covetous eyes of Avzar.

A new update is set to launch in the near future for Taichi Panda, bringing with it some exciting changes. It is nice to see the China based company making sure everyone has a smooth gaming experience as they gear up to add more awesome content to an already incredible game.

If you haven't checked out Taichi Panda yet, a good place to start is our review here: http://www.appgamer.com/taichi-panda/reviews/


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