Survival Island: Evolve

Survival Island: Evolve

Version: 1.06 | Everyone 10+

You don’t remember how you got to this island, but now you’re stranded in the wild. Surviving here will be no simple task. First you’ll need to find food, craft some primitive tools, and build a shelter. Think you have what it takes? Your survival adventure is about to begin…

Game features:
*Explore the wilderness!
*Build your house from the ground up!
*Utilize an extensive crafting system with tons of recipes!
*Meet the island fauna!
*Island survival sandbox simulator.

Survivallist tips:
★Begin with chopping wood in the forest. Wood is used for craft.
★Craft armor and weapons for fighting wild animals.
★Don’t starve, survivor: collect all available resources to keep yourself fed.
★Craft everything you might need.
★Keep track of your health, or you won’t survive…

If you like other survival games, play Survival Island: Evolve – it’ll be just what you’re looking for. Begin your survival adventure now!

*IMPORTANT. Online multiplayer is still in development and will be available soon. Follow our newsfeed to be the first to know when you can play with friends!

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I liked it a lot at first, and I guess I still do, but it’s gotten a bit tedious. I’m at level 36 and I haven’t gotten any new stuff since level 20(maybe 25). Also stone stuff takes forever to build, which is less a game flaw and more so a personal peeve. Also when I equip clothing it doesn’t ..
2.7 / 5.0

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