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Gold and Silver Farming Guide

Gold and Silver Farming Guide
Stella Arcana Guide

In order to keep purchasing all the items you need to progress in the game, you'll want to know the best and most efficient ways to farm gold and silver in Stella Arcana, here's what we know.

How to Farm Gold

1. Trade Items for Gold with your Alt
For this method you can either trade with other players or create a second, alt, account so you can trade anything you want and get loads of gold for it.

If you use the trading post you can sell between yourself and your alt account in order to transfer gold from your alt to your main account. You can then easily sell the items back to your main account for little gold, and repeat the process.

For this to work you'll need to be prepared to farm gold in your alt account so you have it available to trade to your main account.

2. Play the Events
Look out for the events that you can gain extra gold for completion. A lot of the rewards for events do include gold, and it's a good way to bump up your gold supplies.

3. Participate in Scholar's Retest.
Completing the Scholar's Retest is a good way to earn some extra gold. The event currently runs on a Saturday, and you'll need to get all the answers correct in order to take a share in the pot of gold.
Get all answers correct in the Scholar's Retest for Gold
Get all answers correct in the Scholar's Retest for Gold

How to Farm Silver

There are loads of great ways to farm silver in Stella Arcana, here are some of them.

1. Complete Daily Quests
This is a great way to get extra silver as a lot of the quests will give you silver as part of the reward package, it will also give you items that you can sell for more silver.

2. Participate in Bounty Quests
Join as many bounty quests as you can for a great silver bonus on completion of the bounty quest. You can participate in loads of these.

3. Play the Winter Wonderland
Build a Snowman in the Winter Wonderland for a ton of silver. It takes a while, but you do get a decent chunk of silver for completing a snowman.

4. Be Lucky with Red Packets
When your guild members give red packets you have a chance of getting silver if you are quick to claim a reward from the red packet.

5. Fishing
You can sell the items you don't really want from fishing. Don't sell any of your rare fish for silver though!

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