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Stella Arcana is a roaming RPG where you select from a number of different classes and begin an exciting adventure through a world filled with guilds, pets, an incredible assortment of weapons and loads of other great RPG goodness. We've put together some Stella Arcana Tips aimed at beginners to the game which we hope you will find useful.

Stella Arcana Cheats and Tips

How to Play on PC
While Stella Arcana is a mobile game, you can also play it on PC with an Android Emulator. There are loads available, and of the ones we have tried, BlueStacks and BigNox seem to generally work well. Download the emulator, then you'll need to connect your Google account and download the game within the emulator to play it on a PC.

Choose the Right Class For You
There are currently 5, and soon to be 6, difference playable classes in Stella Arcana, each class offering a different set of strengths and weaknesses from high AoE damage, to tanking, healing, high single enemy DPS etc... Check out our Stella Arcana Class Guide to help you find out about the attributes of each class, and pick the right one for you.
Stella Arcana Character Classes
Stella Arcana Character Classes

Join a Guild
Being part of a a guild will allow you to participate in loads more events where you can gain more XP and get some items.

You'll also get access to Guild Lucky Bags which should give you some extra silver.

There is also the Guild shop where you can purchase a load of items with gold coins and guild tokens.

Check the Hero's Path
Tap the Hero's Path icon from the main screen to see where you are at in relation to quests and the overall adventure. You'll be able to see which quests have been completed and which ones you have some stuff still to collect some rewards from, as indicated by the red dots.

Using the Hero's Path as a kind of guide to what you should be doing next in the game is really useful.

Complete The Horoscope Quest whenever you can
You can find the Horoscope Quest by tapping the Adventure icon at the top of the screen, then clicking the Mandatory button, then scrolling down to see the Horoscope Quest. Basically it only takes a couple of seconds to complete but will get you a decent buff for the day. The buff you get can be pretty random and can range from increased gold and silver rewards from quests, to increased chance of rewards or more HP or DPS in challenges. Definitely worth a look as part of your daily routine in Stella Arcana.

Complete Your Daily Quests
Tapping the Adventure Icon will bring you to your set of quests that you need to do. You'll see quests in three different sections, Mandatory, Optional and Challenge. Check out the different quests that are available and start completing them.

Look out especially for the quests that will give you XP, as you'll need that to keep climbing up the levels.

Plan Ahead for Timed Quests
Use the week planner in the Adventures menu to keep an eye on which quests are available and when. Look out for the quests that appeal to you most to complete and remember to check back to complete that at the correct time.
Plan Ahead for Timed Quests
Plan Ahead for Timed Quests

Choose and Upgrade the Right Life Skills For You
There are six life skills sin Stella Arcana that you can choose from: Collect, Forage, Mine, Extract, Fishing and Cooking. You should spend some resources to upgrade all of the life skills a little, but then focus the majority of your upgrades on one single Life Skill (Collect, Forage, Mine or Extract), and one single Idle Life Skill (Cooking or Fishing).

Upgrading the Forage Life Skill can be useful if you intend to create potions to sell to other players and while the other three skills you can also use to sell items to other players, these other three skills will also help when it comes to crafting items in the game.

The cooking life skill will give you the items you need for buffs, which are cool, but the fishing skill allows you to exchange your fish for some really hard to get items, so for the long term player, the better option is to choose fishing over cooking.

Gear is super important to equip to your hero. The best option is to utilise them as soon as you get them, and keep looking out for improvements to the current equipped items.

Having the right gear can make a big difference to your stats. In terms of purchasing items, you probably don't really want to invest too much into purchasing items and gear at the start of the game, because you should be able to get through the initial stages of the game quite easily anyway, and the game will naturally drop you gear anyway, which does get better as you get further into the game.

Crafting Items
You can get some great items by crafting, so having some knowledge and being aware of how to use the crafting system in Stella Arcana is important.

To get to the crafting menu, tap the More icon, then Magic Forge. Crafting in the game works on a proficiency system, so you have to practice crafting lower level items before you have access to better items.

Of course you can take the shortcut and trade items, but it's good to gain some level of proficiency in crafting as a good route to make some items.

The other method is to go to the More > Strengthen menu, and tap Synthesize and if you have the right blueprints you may also be able to created upgraded items if you have the correct items needed.

In any case, you'll be picking up some decent gear as you play through the game and complete the daily and weekly quests.

Upgrading Skills
It's important to work out which skills you want for your hero before you start upgrading their skills, you only have a limited amount of upgrades, and you can only use 4 of the six skills that the hero has available to choose from. So there is no sense in spending resources on upgrading all six!

Bless and Refine Your Slots
In the strength menu you will see the option 'Bless' this effect will enhance the actual slot, so no matter what item or weapon is contained in that slot, it will receive the benefit of the increased power from blessing the slot.

This is also the case with Refine too.

Check the Shop Daily
Check the Shop Daily and purchase items that will help you in the game. No sense in hoarding silver at the beginning of the game, there are loads of items to choose from.

Some good items to look out for are the Blessing Stones, Bait for Fishing, Forging Stones, EXP Soul Stones, Domed Alter Challenge Voucher, Chests and more.

The store refreshes so take every opportunity that you can to purchase the items that will help you right now, and later on in the game.

Gain Stats from Eating
You can eat the items in order to gain increased stats throughout the game. This can be a bit of a grind, but it is interesting to do and an easy way to gain some stats.

From the Life Skills menu, tap the cooking option, and tap culinary travels, there you will see what you can eat. Every time you reach a new level you'll increase your stats in the game... Well worth it for some easy permanent stats increases.

If you upgrade the Cooking Life Skill, you will have access to better dishes.

Donate Gold to Get Guild Points
While gold is useful in Stella Arcana, Guild Points are too, and the best way to get them is to complete alliance donations. You can use your Guild Points to purchase a range of items in the Guild Shop.

How to get Rare Fish
Rare fish can be hard to get, and the bait is not cheap either, so it can be a bit of a grind to get the best fish.

To stand a better chance of getting rare fish you should exchange your rod for better ones. You may have to work your way up through the various fishing rods that are available, but as you get the better rods, you'll stand a better chance of getting the best fish in the game.

As well as rods, you can also use your fish to exchange for stats boost items, or exchange them in a fishing club with other players.
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