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Part 8 - Warehouse

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Part 8 - Warehouse

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This is a walkthrough and guide for part 8 of Scare Horror Escape Room Games.

After firing the cannon to destroy the wall in Part 7 you have moved through into a warehouse building.
Part 8 - Warehouse

First collect a strange shaped board on the ground to the bottom left. Then tap the broken glass on the floor to collect a piece.

Tap the archway on the right to move through to the next area.
Part 8 - Warehouse

Collect the rope and a square board from the railing on the left.
Then collect a yellow flashlight from the ground on the right and another odd shaped piece from the green door.

Now back up to the first area. Tap to view the small window on the left with the hole in it. Place the flashlight on the hole to let it recharge in the sunlight coming in.
Part 8 - Warehouse

Move to the area on the right again then use the flashlight on the dark doorway on the right to left you see inside.
Part 8 - Warehouse
Part 8 - Warehouse

Collect another odd shaped board. You can also view the paper on the lockers with a clue.
Part 8 - WarehouseShow
Back up and tap on the red button by the green door to view some cables.
Part 8 - Warehouse

Use the glass shard to cut them.
The light will now begin flashing in a repeating set of long and short flashes. A code.
Watch these to get the Morse code and then use the paper in the dark room to translate to the numbers.
Solution: Sequence is ….., ….-, —.., —-. Code=5489.Show

Use the code above to open the locker in the dark room.
Collect one more odd shaped board, some sort of 'weird key' (Torque pressure wrench) and a glass cutter.

While here pay attention to the coat on the left. There is a pattern of holes and stitching that is a clue.

Move back to the first area. Combine the 4 odd shaped board with the square board in your inventory to make a stool. Then place it be the window on the far left.
Part 8 - Warehouse

Use the rope on the stool to start a puzzle.
Part 8 - Warehouse

You need to thread the rope in the holes to fix it together. To thread you will tap and slide from one hole to the next until you reach the end.
Solution: numbering the holes from 1 to 10 top to bottom slide your finger through the following holes, in this order. Left 1, Right 2, Left 4, Right 5, Left 8, Right 10, Left 9, Right 7, Left 5, Right 4, Left 1
Part 8 - Warehouse

Once done the stool is complete and you can now use the glass cutter on the small window on the left to make a hole.
Tap to climb through and on to a rooftop.
Part 8 - Warehouse

Tap to view the wall section on the left to see a clue with numbers. Note the Yellow 5 and the red 15.
Part 8 - Warehouse

Next tap on the zip line handle to see the lock. Note the blue 10 and the green 25.
Part 8 - Warehouse

On the handle there are 4 bolts with colors. Use the torque wrench on these one at a time and set the pressure to the correct values from the matching colored numbers.
Part 8 - Warehouse

Now to open the padlock we need to find a 4 digit code. We need to solve the mathematical equation on the wall.

First find the 2 missing ? numbers. The first column is a sequence. 3, 6, 9, 15, 24, ?
Solution: 3+6=9, 6+9=15, 9+15=24, 15+24=39Show
For the second column work out how thr numbers relate and what will 6 relate to.
Solution: 8x7=56, 7x6=42, 6x5=30, 5x4=20, (the last entry doesn't seem to fit)Show

This gives us 2 numbers for the equation at the top.
39 x 30 x (2 + 2 x 2) = 7020.Show

Use this final answer as the code to unlock the padlock.

You then use the zip line and escape to freedom.
Part 8 - Warehouse

We hope this guide helped you with the game. If you have any questions please use the Answers Page.

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