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Part 1 - Cell

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Part 1 - Cell

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This is a walkthrough and guide for part 1 of Scare Horror Escape Room Games.

After signing the agreement you now find yourself in a locked cell room with a dead body on the floor.

Part 1 - Cell

First Tap the crowbar on the ground to collect it.

Now tap the gate on the left to view through the bars.
Part 1 - Cell

Use the crowbar here to bend open the bars, you can then collect the knife.
Now view the gate ahead of you.
There is a lock with a 6 digit code needed. Note the triangle clue.
Part 1 - Cell

Now back up and view the electrical box on the right wall.
Part 1 - Cell

You cannot unlock this yet but there are 3 triangles on it as a clue.
Hint: work out what the missing number in the 3rd triangle is to get the code.
Solution: the first triangle has 2 at the top and then 3 and 5 on the sides, the center number is 16. multiplying the top number with the other 2 and then adding them up will solve this. e.g. 2x3 + 2x5 = 16. The second triangle. 5x1 + 5x7 = 40. For the third we have 6x9 + 6x2 = 66.Show
Code: 16 40 66Show

Use this top open the lock on the gate. Then go through
Part 1 - Cell

Tap to view the spider on the wall. Carefully tap on the far right to find a symbol shape (a cup with a snake) that you can collect.
Part 1 - Cell

Now backup and view the red first aid box on the floor.
Part 1 - Cell

Use the symbol on the top to open it. Then collect the green liquid from inside.
Now view the pile of bags on the left.
Part 1 - Cell

Use this liquid to kill the creatures, you can then tap to remove items until you find and collect a pair of chopsticks.
Go back to the first room and top by the open gate again to see a green backpack on the ground.
Use the knife on this to open it. Then use the chopsticks to collect a lighter from inside.
Part 1 - Cell

Note the word HELP on the floor.

Now head through to the second room again and view the spider again. Use the lighter on the web to burn it away and scare away the spider.
Part 1 - Cell

Tap to clean away the burnt web and then you have a puzzle to rearrange the tiles. Tap each one to rotate them and complete the word.
Part 1 - Cell
Solution: Part 1 - CellShow

You can now collect a key.

Go back to the first area and use the key to open the the electrical box on the wall.
Part 1 - Cell
Tap on the switch on the right to turn off the power. You can then collect the key from inside.


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