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Part 2 - Bathroom

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This is a walkthrough and guide for part 1 of Scare Horror Escape Room Games.

After Opening the door in part 1 you move through into a Bathroom.

Part 2 - Bathroom

First tap the toilet on the left to reveal and then collect a piece of pipe.

Then tap the arrow control to look to the other side of the room.

Part 2 - Bathroom

Tap on the floor grill to lift it then view the drain underneath and collect a key.

Part 2 - Bathroom

Now move back to the left and tap on the lockers.

Part 2 - Bathroom

Use the key to open the door and collect from inside some nail clippers.

Make a note of the positions of the red bottles.

Now use the pipe on the wall to the right of the lockers where you see a white X.

When the hole is made use the nail clippers on the sparking wire behind to cut it.

Now tap the toilet on the left again to close the lid and it will slide to the center of the room, under the ceiling fan.

You can now tap on the ceiling fan to view it and collect a red tap handle.

Part 2 - Bathroom

Now move to the other side of the room and tap on the open panel between the sinks to see 4 valves.

Part 2 - Bathroom

Hint: you need to tap to turn these to the correct positions.



Use the alignment of the red bottles in the locker as a guide. Top and left ones should the vertical, bottom and right ones should be horizontal.

Finally view the sink on the left, these is no tap handle.

Part 2 - Bathroom

Add the red handle you collected to it. Then turn on the water. A key will float up.

Part 2 - Bathroom

Now use the key on the stall door on the left with the red X.

Inside the stall is a hole in the wall. Tap here to escape from the room.

Part 2 - Bathroom

This completes Part 2, move on to Part 3


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