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Part 5 - Corridor

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Part 5 - Corridor

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This is a walkthrough and guide for part 5 of Scare Horror Escape Room Games.

After escaping from the operating theatre in Part 4 you are now in a large corridor with a room on either side. A figure appears in the left doorway. You can tap this for a scare.
Part 5 - Corridor

First collect a gear from the door in the center.
Then tap on the trolley on the right to collect some pliers and an oil can.

Tap the right hand room entrance to go in and see another body on the slab in a mortuary.
Part 5 - Corridor

On the base of the medical table is a pedal and behind this a panel, tap to view this.
Part 5 - Corridor

Add the gear to it to start a puzzle, you need to arrange the gears to get them to fit together correctly.
Once done you can tap the pedal to make the table rise up.

The drip on the right with the green liquid has a needle that now reaches the arm. Tap the needle to insert it.
Part 5 - Corridor

Now tap the panel below again to view it and collect the gear from it.
Return to the corridor and tap to view the 2 air tanks on the left.
Part 5 - Corridor

Use the oil can on the 2 valves to clear the rust. Then use the pliers on them both to turn them. Make a note of the pressure readings.

Return to the mortuary. Tap on the tube connecting the drip bag of green liquid and the needle, there is a small box on the tube with 2 dials.
Part 5 - Corridor

Enter the correct values to allow through the correct liquid flow pressure.
Solution: Use the values from the air tanks. 4 and 6Show

The hand will open and you can collect a key.
Part 5 - Corridor

Now tap to view the other hand of the body. There is a tattoo that is a clue.
Part 5 - CorridorShow

Go back to the corridor and use the key on the locked door. This removes a panel.
Then add the gear to the door and tap the open panel to start a puzzle.
Part 5 - Corridor

Hint: Tap and drag the segments to move them around and arrange them in the correct order.
Solution: copy the pattern seen on the arm tattoo.
Part 5 - Corridor

Once done the door will open and you can exit.
Move on to Part 6

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