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Part 6 - Hall

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This is a walkthrough and guide for part 6 of Scare Horror Escape Room Games.

After escaping from the corridor and mortuary in Part 5 you are now in a large hall.

Part 6 - Hall

First collect the gas mask from the bust on the left. Then also take a piece of wood from the window on the right.

Now tap on the window at the far end to see a puzzle.

Part 6 - Hall

You need to move the bars to allow you to release and collect the item at the bottom. A lock pick.

Part 6 - Hall

Open the door at the end and move through to the next room.

You are now wearing a gas mask and have 2 doors in front of you.

Part 6 - Hall

Open the left door and move through.

Part 6 - Hall

First collect he hammer head from the table on the left. Drag the wooden piece in the inventory to the hammer head in your inventory to combine them and make a Hammer.

Next tap the top of the round tub on the floor to the right to see a puzzle with circles.

Rotate the 3 circles to complete the skull picture. It needs to be the right way up.

You can then collect a torch handle item from the floor.

Now tap on the chair on the far right collect a metal stand.

Finally Tap on the poster on the wall above with the ghost symbol to collect it.

Go back to the large hall, there is a tall timber post holding up the ceiling on the left, use the hammer on this to knock it down. You can then access a ladder.

Part 6 - Hall

Use the lock pick on the door at the top of the ladder to open it. You can then go up to the attic.

Part 6 - Hall

You will need to quickly collect the magnifying glass from the box on the left before the monster scares you back down.

Now place the scrunched up poster on the window sill on the far right and then use the magnifying glass on it to make it catch on fire.

Part 6 - Hall

Collect this and combine it in your inventory with the torch handle.

Go back up to the attic and use the lit torch on the monster to scare it and make it hide.

Part 6 - Hall

From the chair on the left collect a piece of iron and a brush.

Then also collect the bellows from the floor.

Tap on the metal safe to view it.

Part 6 - Hall

Use the brush to remove the green paint then open the save by changing the symbols on the dials to solve the equation.



39 : 13 x 32 - 11 + 24 = 109 ( : = divide)

You can then collect a microphone.

Go back down to the hall. Combine the stand, the iron rod and the microphone in your inventory, You can then place this assembled microphone in the hall.

Part 6 - Hall

Now tap on the microphone to see a projected shadow of 4 shapes on the ground. This is a clue


Part 6 - Hall

Now go through the door again to the gas filled area and then to the open room on the left.

Add the bellows to the fireplace.

Part 6 - Hall

Now tap to blow away the soot. You will see a clue of 4 roman numerals.




Now back out to the gas filled area and tap on the right hand door.

You can use the clues found above to solve the locks.

Part 6 - Hall

Go through the door to complete Part 6. Move on to Part 7

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