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Part 7 - Cannon

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Part 7 - Cannon

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This is a walkthrough and guide for part 7 of Scare Horror Escape Room Games.

After escaping from the hall and the gas filled room in Part 6 You are now in a small room with a large cannon.
Part 7 - Cannon

First collect the knife from the wall on the left.

Tap to remove the metal item from under the cannon, this lets the cannon move freely. You can now tap on it to spin it around a let the cannon ball fall out.
Part 7 - Cannon

Collect the cannon ball.

Now tap the open doorway on the right to look inside.
Part 7 - Cannon

Collect the brush from the left and then take a shoelace from the shoe on the left.
Then use the knife on the shoe on the right to cut it open.

You can then collect a box of matches and also a single match.

Combine the box of matches with the knife in your inventory and you will get some green powder.
Go back to the cannon. Tap it to point it upwards.
Use the green powder in the cannon to put it inside. Then use the brush on the cannon.
Part 7 - Cannon

Next add the cannon ball to it and then tap again to point it back at the wall.
Add the lace to the back of the cannon as a fuse. Then use the single match to light it.
Part 7 - Cannon

The wall is destroyed, you emerge into a warehouse and immediately find you are in danger from metal beams heading towards you.
Part 7 - Cannon

To avoid the Rails that are approaching you need to tilt your device. Quickly tilt to the right, then left, right, left right until all of the rails have passed.

You can then go through the opened door
Part 7 - Cannon

Move through to the next area in Part 8

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