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Royal Match

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Royal Match is a Match 3 style puzzle game from Dream Games with an added target of unlocking and building a castle and other areas fitting a king.

The game is similar to the popular house renovating games like Homescapes and Matchington mansion. However it does not incorporate the personal design elements where you can choose items to use or update the look of areas as you want to.

Overall the game is easy to play and offers a larger than normal playing board for the match 3 puzzles.

Hints and Tips for Royal Match

While you should not have any trouble getting started in the game the difficulty will increase over time and it is worth remembering a few tips.

The tasks to complete areas are optional in the game and if you do not enjoy this aspect you can ignore them, however when you complete each area you will get a chest with booster rewards and coins which can be very useful.

When paying the levels it is a good idea to look for opportunities to create the power up items, the rocket, propeller, TNT and light ball. Each of these are powerful on their and can be crucial to completing the levels.

Manipulating the board to create 2 powerups next to each other though is the real key to success in all hard levels. A combo of a light ball with any other power up item will clear lot of items in 1 go. Getting 2 light balls together will clear the whole board.

After you reach level 20 you can join a team (or create your own). This will let you ask for help with lives and also help others.

If you have any questions for playing Royal Match please head to the Answers Page to ask there.
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Bait and switch tactics… illegal if any other business did this. There are no mini games in Royal Match. Do not download this lie. You won’t ever encounter a ‘save the king’ mini game.
0.4 / 5.0

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