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How to play Rise Up

How to play Rise Up
Rise Up Guide


The endless stream of randomly obstacles and threats to avoid in this game make finding a simple method to 'rise up' through the challenge an almost impossible task but before you give up too quickly there are some tips you can try to help you out.

The best way to master the game is probably through hours of dedicated practice and zen like concentration. But if you are just looking to have fun and beat your friends high scores then try the following:

Learn the obstacles

In the main game mode the obstacles that come at you can be different on each run through and each type will require a different method to get rough it. Its only by playing and perfecting your reactions to each that you can hope to get through enough levels to impress.

Some, such as those with narrow passages to get through or where the objects are flung in from the sides can leave you in a fit of terror or anger. Practice and find your way.

The Challenge Mode

In the spirit of practicing and perfecting your moves you may find it best to start playing in the challenge mode of the game. Here you will see specific obstacles each time and let yourself get used to then and the best way to clear them.

Screen Size

You may have your own preference for this already which is great. If not then consider the benefits of different sized devices. If you play on a table size screen you can see more easily the obstacles approaching, but on the phone size screen you should find it easier to swipe those threats away without having to move too far. We think the phone screen works best for us but if you have the options then try both and see what it better for you.

Get the moves

So how about some swipe methods to try out. Not all of these will work on all types of obstacle but can be worth trying.

Central Spin

this first method that seems to work for a range of obstacles is keeping your finder near the center, not too far above the balloon and spinning it around in small circles. You need to sping fast and be prepared to adjust left and right a little for some items but it can quickly clear some incomign threats without having to think about them too much.

Sweep the top

When the obstacles are definitely coming straight down and not fro mthe sides then a good side to side sweep of the top area of the screen will quickly remove those pesky bits and blocks from the screen. Not so good though if there are side walls the funnel the pieces down.

Don’t move at all

Once in a while you can get lucky with a section where all you need to do is keep the blocker above the balloon and let it gently brush the obstacles out of the way. It doesn't work often of course but having a finger rest and seeing how far you can get without moving the blocker can be a good break from the frustration.

Other advice

Extend your run by watching ads

If you have had a good run and find yourself close to your high score and then make a mistake you can make use of the option to watch an ad to continue from where you are and not restart. You will need to have a stable internet connection and for the game be ready to show an ad for this to happen though so don't rely on it.

Take a break

This isn't a game you can play for long without getting a little frustrated so don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Take break, try something else, come back to it tomorrow.

If you have any other advice for anyone playing this game such as a killer technique to raise your level, or if you simply want to brag about your high score please let us know in the comments.


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