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How to get more energy?
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How to get more energy?

In Polynesia Adventure there are a number of ways to get more free energy. Most actions in Polynesia Adventure consume energy, so while this is restored over time, there are a few ways to boost this process.

The first one is to build the furnace and then use it to get more free energy by adding ingredients into the furnace.

You can also do the same method at the campfire if you have the correct ingredients. At the campfire you need to make sweet jam which needs 4 Miracle Fruit and 2 Fire. Add them to the campfire to make Sweet Jam, it takes 10 minutes to make and will give you 15 energy. You can of course use gems to speed up the process or as a replacement for ingredients.

You can also get more energy by completing quests, whether you get some and how much you get will be stated in the quest instructions.

Another way to get more energy is to level up. In the early stages of game, you can level up pretty easily if you try to make lots of deliveries. These are usually easily fulfilled if you keep growing crops and also collecting the milk and eggs from your farm.

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