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Polynesia Adventure Guide

Beginners Guide

Here is our Polynesia Adventure Beginners Guide. If you are just starting out in Polynesia Adventure then this guide will help you through the initial stages in the game and answer some of the things that you may be getting stuck with at the beginning of the game.

Follow the Quests
Polynesia Adventure has a very good guide system in the game that will take you through your first steps, such as planting and harvesting corn. As you progress in the game, keep checking the notepad icon to work out what you need to do next, to both gain the rewards and complete the tasks in the correct order. So you don't run out of energy or coins too soon.

How to get more energy??
You generate energy with the furnace. Very early in the game you will be prompted to purchase the furnace, place it on your land, and then to use it you need to tap the furnace, then drag the available items into the furnace and it will then make you energy. Best to just use this when you need to, don't go crazy and harvest the whole island and make a heap of energy - As at the moment things don't grow back, so once things are harvested, they are gone for good.

How to find the explosives?
This is one beginner question that has popped up a few times. Basically for the Boom quest, which is one of the first ones you have to find the explosive barrel. It is hidden in the scenery on the Arihi Land. I found mine towards the lower right of the initial land that you see after talking to the chief.

Keep growing crops and collecting
Keep growing crops and collecting from your farm animals as often as you can, don't let your valuable resources sit there idly, it's best that you try to keep them working as much as possible.

Tap the quests for clues
If you are not sure what to do, or where to look for an item, re tap the quest icon and the magbnifying glass to get told where to go, or be shown the blue marker on the map as to where to look or head towards to look.

Look out for Crates
Don't forget to tap the crates when you see them or when they are uncovered in the game, the can include some rewards, sometimes even extra energy!

Add more animals
As soon as you can, add more chickens and cows, this will increase your egg and milk production.

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