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Pokémon Quest Cheats and Tips

Welcome to our game help site for Pokémon Quest. A place to find cheats and tips, get redeem codes, ask questions, check guides or find friends. Check below for our current content.

If you need any help then check below to ask your question for Pokémon Quest. For more help with the game have a look through the game guides for walkthroughs or specific tips for the game. And of course you can leave a review for the game to let other players know how good it is to play.


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How Do I Get a Legendary Pokemon?
Pokemon Quest offers a different approach on acquiring new Pokemon to fight by your side. Here, instead of throwing a Pokeball to catch them, you ..
Which Pokemon Should I Pick?
Which Pokemon Should I Pick?
After you've successfully lured a few Pokemon in your base, you'd probably be thinking about which Pokemon you'd pick for your team. Though the game ..
How Do I Get a New Pokemon in Pokemon Quest?
How Do I Get a New Pokemon in Pokemon Quest?
Unlike any other Pokemon game to date, Pokemon Quest offers a fresh new take on capturing Pokemon. Here, you do not necessarily throw a Pokeball to ..
How Do I get Get PM Tickets?
How Do I get Get PM Tickets?
PM Tickets are the game's premium currency that mainly enables you to purchase extra energy points, decorations, and even skip wait times / turns ..
Power Stones
Power Stones
Aside from leveling up your Pokemon in the game, you can equip some power stones to generally boost its battle rating. In the game, there are 3 types ..

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