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NOX Mystery Adventure Escape Room is a puzzle and escape room style game from Everbyte that offers a similar graphical style to the hit Tiny Room Stories. An exploration game where you need to find clues and solve puzzles to work out why you are there. To help you discover the secret, read on for NOX Escape Mystery Cheats and Tips.

NOX Escape Mystery Cheats and Tips

There is a lot to discover and many clues to find and some to ignore as you work your way though the game. Some of the puzzles and deductions that you need to make are not easy to find. As you make your way through the house you can follow some simple tips.

Check everything
There are a lot of clues hidden around each room. Many items can be picked up and viewed. Check behind photos, look for items under furniture etc. Not everything is important though but it is a good idea to examine everything in case it comes in handy later.

It's not all logical
A few of the puzzles require some trial and error and whilst there are clues to solving them you can get through them by trying the various options.

Progress can be backwards
To find your way forwards through the rooms and unlock the next area you will find yourself having to return and revisit previous rooms many times over. In almost every room there are clues and puzzles that you cannot complete until you have found other items and clues so you will have to return.

If you are stuck at any point go back to previous rooms and check for anything new that you may now be able to access.

If you have any trouble with a puzzle or you don't know where to look next please remember to check our Game Guide for a full walkthrough. If you have any questions then our Answers Page is the place to go.

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