NOX Mystery Adventure Escape Room

Part 11 - Laboratory

Part 11 - Laboratory
NOX Mystery Adventure Escape Room Guide

Welcome to part 11 of the guide to NOX Mystery Adventure. This guide is split into parts to follow the story and best chain of events to work your way through the rooms.

After finding the clues in the Garden in Part 10, go back into the house and to the secret laboratory.
Part 11 - Laboratory

Rotate the room view and tap on the cupboard with the jars of medicines in it. We will need to use some of these based on some instructions.
Part 11 - Laboratory

On the work bench in front of the chair is a book. Tap this to open and view the pages. They are the set of instructions.
Part 11 - Laboratory

This shows a large drop, the number 200 and below an image with a flask of some kind.
In the room tap to open the white wall cupboard above the work bench and collect a Measuring Cup. Go to the kitchen again and use the sink to fill this with water.
Part 11 - Laboratory

Return to the lab and tap on the apparatus to the right of the book to view it.
Part 11 - Laboratory

We want to put the water into the flask. But only ‘200’ as in the instruction. Open the Measuring cup of water in the inventory and tip it to pour out some of the water until what remains is up to the 2nd dark line on the side. You will need to tip it 3 times.
Part 11 - Laboratory
Now use this on the flask to fill it with water.

Step 2
The second page of the book shows a bottle on the right and below another symbol of 3 tubes.
On the workbench to the left of the book is a rack of 3 test tubes. Below each is a label.
Part 11 - Laboratory

The first label is purple. Go to the cabinet and find a bottle with a purple top. (Third on center shelf)
Use this on the first test tube to fill it.
Part 11 - Laboratory

For the green tube we need to collect the bottle with the yellow top. Use this in the second tube to make it go yellow. Then use the blue blossoms from your inventory to turn this green.
Part 11 - Laboratory

For the final tube we need to complete Step 3

Step 3
On the next page of the book we see 2 symbols on the left then some diagrams on the right. Find the 2 bottles from the Shelves to match these. Take the bottle to the right of the middle shelf. Add this to the flask. Then take the bottle in the center of the bottom shelf and add this also.

Tap on the dial to the right of the flask to activate a flame to heat the flask. This is a mini game.
Part 11 - Laboratory
The idea is to tap the screen to raise or lower the green bar to match the position of the flame. The longer the two match the higher the red temperature bar will raise. When it reaches the top you will complete this puzzle. You can now collect the Flask.

Return to the test tubes and use the flask on the third tube to fill it. Now that all three tubes are complete the chair will move and you will be able to collect a Disk from it.
Part 11 - Laboratory

Take the disk and go back through the door to the secret room. The story continues in Part 12. If you have any questions for this game please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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