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Strongest Lord

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Strongest Lord is an event in Nations of Darkness that allows you to gain lots of rewards over 6 days. You will be able to earn prizes each day and over the whole event including recruitment cards and frags for legendary heroes.

The event is split into 6 daily challenges which reward in game activities. If you are active in the game then you will be able claims each of the days rewards, but you will also be able to compete in a ranking for the best performance of the day and claim prizes if you can score highly. At the end of the week the best overall performers will also claim additional rewards.

Strongest Lord

Daily Challenges

Day 1: Train Troops
Train as many troops as you can so score points.
More points are gained for higher tier troops.

Day 2: Eliminate the Field Enemy
Kill Reapers or Feralbeasts in the world to score points
More points are earned for higher level enemies.

Day 3: Gather resources
Get points for gathering diamonds, food, water, crystal, wood.
Send out more marches and improve gathering speed.

Day 4: Power Upgrade
Increase Building power and Research power

Day 5: Hero Power Increased
Improve your heroes.
Level up Heroes, Tier up Heroes, Upgrade Hero skills

Day 6: All out sprint
On this day you can perform any of the actions from the past 5 days. Points are earned at a slower rate.
Gather, Train, Increase Power (build / research), Kill Reapers / Feralbeasts, Increase Hero Power

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