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Heroes in Nations of Darkness are essential for your strength and abilities in battles as well as having useful skills for your base development. There are lots of heroes to recruit and finding out the best ways to make use of them is important.

Heroes come in different rarity levels.
Green - Rare - Lowest rarity
Blue - Exceptional
Purple - Epic
Orange - Legendary - Highest rarity

The higher rarity Heroes are going to offer the best stats and skills but will be harder to obtain and cost more resources to upgrade.

Hero Recruitment

This is done through the Hero Tavern. Although you will also have opportunities to get heroes and hero fragments through events and purchases.
The tavern offers 3 options for recruitment, Standard, Advanced and Faction. In each there is only a chance of gaining a hero or fragments for the hero each time. You can also win other items.
Standard Recruitment - Here you can recruit lower tier heroes, you will have several free chances a day which can increase as you upgrade the building.
Advanced recruitment - Here you can recruit higher tier heroes with a guaranteed Epic or Legendary when you make 10 pulls. It is a good idea to use the option to do 10 at a time.
Faction recruitment - Here you can recruit all rarities of hero but the list you will recruit from it limited to 1 faction. The selected faction will change periodically or you can change it yourself by spending diamonds. This can be useful if you are looking for a specific hero and want to narrow the possible recruit options to increase your chances.

In all cases you will need to obtain the recruitment tickets. This come from many events and quests in the game. The more you play the more you will earn. You can of course also buy them.

Hero Guide

Hero Skills

Each hero will have 3 or 4 skills. The first will be unlocked automatically,(" while the additional skills are unlocked as you raise the tier of the troop. Each of the skills can then be upgraded to increase its effectiveness. For this you need to collect hero fragments. As with recruitment, this is done through recruit, events or buying packages.

The skills will have 2 effects, a Troops Effect and a Quest Effect.
Troops Skill effects will take effect when the hero is used either in a team (with troops), or when garrisoned in the City Hall.
Quest Skill Effects will apply when the hero is used in the Abyssal Fortress quests and similar hero verses enemy battles.

The attack / battle skills will of course be very useful but pay attention to heroes with development skills that will increase resource production etc as these can be garrisoned to give your town very useful buffs.

Upgrading Heroes

There are several ways to upgrade the heroes. Apart from the skills that you need fragment to upgrade you can upgrade the hero level and tier.
Level: You request XP to upgrade the heroes level, this can go up to level 50.
Tier. Te stars or tier need to be increased as you level up. For example in order to move from level 10 to 11 you need tho have reached tier 1. To increase the tier tap the up arrow to the right of the stars. You will need Starlight Statues to increase the tier of any hero.

If you have any further questions about heroes please check the Answers Page to ask there.

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