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Prestige Tasks

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The Prestige Tasks in Nations of Darkness are unlocked when you build the Prestige Building and enter the open world. This allows you to scan the area of the world around your base and find target missions to complete. You can then view your available prestige tasks by tapping on the Prestige Building or on the Prestige icon that appears near the bottom left while in the world view.

A range of target markers will appear for you in the Prestige Tasks screen and you can also find these specific targets in the world map be looking for enemies or locations with quest markers above them. These quests are for you to complete only and are not available for other players.

Prestige Tasks

Prestige Task Types

There are several types of mission to complete:

Eliminate the Threat - You will need to send an available march out to attack a Feralbeast. The level of enemy will be up to the current highest that you have already defeated. Requires Stamina

Castle Exploration - Enter a hero battle, in the same way as the Abyssal Fortress. You do not need a free march for it. Requires Stamina

Rescue Operation - Visit a location to rescue troops. Requires Stamina

Squad Exploration - Sens 1 or more available hero characters to explore an abandoned building. These tasks take some time to complete. You must select heroes to send and wait for them to return to claim the reward. Requires Stamina.

Prestige Tasks

Task Rewards

Each mission will bring a range of rewards, you will get 1 reward when you complete the task, some may be sent by mail, and can then also claim a second reward in the Prestige screen. The higher the quality level of the task and the higher the Power level the better the rewards you can get.

The quests will have quality levels, e.g. Exceptional (Blue), Epic (Purple), Legendary (Orange). Higher quality quests will have better rewards but may be harder to complete.

The Prestige Tasks also have a Power level that will also affect the amount of rewards you get. As you get stronger and manage to defeat higher level roaming enemies in the wild you will be able to raise this power.

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