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Monopoly Go: When is the next partner event?

Updated: Dec 6th 2023

With December upon us and the new Heartfelt Holidays season under many players are now thinking about when is the next partners event on Monopoly Go. We dig into rumor speculation and look at past history to try to figure out when it will return next.

When is the next partner event?
When is the next partner event?

When is the Next Partners Event?

As we have seen in previous events, there is a tendency to run partner events around special events in real life.

Update: December 6th. There is currently a partners event going on right now for some players in Portugal, it is a very limited test and the vast majority of players are not playing the Partners event right now.

If you have this Baking Partners event then you'll also be getting macaroons in your tournament and main event rewards!

Spooky Car Partners was run over Halloween, and Thanksgiving Partners played out over Thanksgiving.

So with Christmas not too far away, my best guess would be that the next Partner Event on Monopoly Go does not start on the 16th December (25 days after the start of the previous event start), but more like the 21st or 22nd that way the event will be played over actual Christmas day, following the pattern of these events being played over a significant holiday date.

This is just my best guess, I have no inside information and have not seen any leaks, so please take this for what it is, my best guess! You are welcome to post yours in the comments, and if you want a reason too!

However now that the new Heartfelt Holidays season is underway and we have learned that it is only 34 days long will that have an effect on the timing of the next partner event?

Partner Event Date Started Date Ended Days since start of previous partner event
Next Partner Event?16th December 2023?21st December 2023?25 days
Thanksgiving Partners21st November 202326th November 202325 days
Spooky Car Partners27th October 20231st November 202325 days
Toy Partners2nd October 20237th October 202326 days
Choco Partners6th September 202311th September 202327 days
Car Show Partners10th August 202316th August 202336 days
Baking Partners5th July 202310th July 2023First Partner Event
What events are running now on Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO! All events explained

Christmas Partner Event Theme

Being the Holiday season, we think the next partners event on Monopoly Go will be themed around this, from some of the suggestions we've seen, building a snowman is the best idea I've come across and fits right in with the Holiday season theme.

There is also talk of the mechanics of the event changing, but we'll have to wait to see exactly what that means, if anything does change at all.

Partner Events Explained

Partner Events on Monopoly Go are special events usually run over five and a bit days where you have to team up with four other players from your friends list in order to construct four items, such as cakes or cars. Complete each one with each partner to gain the grand prize of usually 5,000 dice and a special token.

Partner Events stir up a lot of activity in the game, but also cause some controversy because sometimes partnerships don't work out and as yet there is no way to change partners. In the previous Partner Event there was also a lot of disappointment that new free links were released in relation to the event which was expected by a lot of players.

Partner Events are one of the most fun aspects of Monopoly Go, but only if you've got four good partners that are will to pull their weight in the event.

We look forward to seeing what the next Partner Event will be and what day the next one starts.

Can I Change My Partner

This is the question we are most in relation to partner events on Monopoly Go, and so far, throughout all of the partner events, there has never been am option to change a partner.

We do hope that Scopely find a way to implement a change partner feature in future events, even in a limited capacity for example if the partner has not logged into the game during the event, it would be helpful.

So, that all we have for now on when we think the next partner event will be on Monopoly Go. Partner events are probably to most active time for the game, so what we do know for sure is that there will be another one.

Richard Gardner, Site Founder and Senior Content Writer

Richard GardnerWith over 20 years of experience in the video games and web publishing industries, Richard is an expert in all things video gaming.

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