Modern Combat 5: Blackout


Modern Combat 5: Blackout Guide

The multiplayer in this mode are varied. There is CTF (capture the flag), VIP, and Free For All. You must create squad before starting a game. Capture the Flag is obvious, you have to steal the opposing team's flag and bring it to your base in order to earn points. For the VIP mode, you all have to protect the VIP while trying to kill the other team's VIP. This is a unique take of the VIP situation since most games treat this only one sided, with one team carrying a handicapped VIP while the other team is just there for the hunt. Free For All is a skirmish, every man is for himself with the one scoring the most point being declared the winner.

The other multiplayer mode is called the Squad Battle, this is Free For All only with groups. Or you can call it VIP without the VIPs. Or CTF without the flag-running / flag defense. This is the vanilla mode for group sessions, perfect for friends.

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