Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Achievement List

Achievement List
Modern Combat 5: Blackout Guide

Before we start with the actual guide, here is the list of achievements you can unlock. This will serve as a good overview for what you should be trying to accomplish while playing the game, and good introduction to what Modern Combat 5: Blackout is all about.

Achievement Name / Medal
Last One Loses
Kill a flag carrier within 10 seconds of a multiplayer match
Bullet Tank
Kill an opponent with a shotgun as a Heavy in a multiplayer session
White Rabbit
Kill a VIP within 10 seconds in the a multiplayer match
Trigger Ready
Kill a flag carrier with a single shot
Nasty Cut
Score a VIP kill with a knife
Clumsy Aim
Break all the vases in Venice
Roaring Silence
Perform a kill with an assault rifle, play as a recon, multiplayer only
Hide and Seek
Kill an enemy who is shooting a decoy, multiplayer only
Complete the upgrade perks in all class
Grim Reaper
Complete a killstreak of 10, multiplayer only
Out With a Bang
As an assault, perform a kill streak using five grenades, multiplayer only
Sudden Death
Perform a streak of 5 headshots as a sniper, multiplayer only
Hushed Exterminator
Perform a killstreak of 5, melee only
No Sweat
Destroy a vehicle with a revolver
Gun Bunny
Complete the Tutorial
Complete and upgrade all skills, any class
Revive the teammate in the campaign
Create a Squad
Team Player
Join a Squad
Brain Surgery
Perform headshots
Kill VIPs in multiplayer matches
Win multiplayer matches
Capture flags in multiplayer matches
Complete multiplayer matches
Kill Thrill
Kill enemies using grenades
Kill flag carriers in multiplayer matches
Mad Dog
Complete Campaign Missions
Kill enemies in campaign
Win multiplayer VIP matches

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