Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Beginner's Quick Tips

Beginner's Quick Tips
Modern Combat 5: Blackout Guide

Beginner's Quick Tips

HUD is Everything

First, you must customize your HUD as soon as possible, early on, right off the bat. There is no optimal setting, but usually, most people do not prefer the default setting. You can adjust the button size of your touchscreen controls. Those who have big fingers might be tapping on ALL of the buttons. You can also move them all around the screen, good for those who have a certain control scheme that they are most comfortable with. You can adjust the sensitivity both of the touchscreen or the gyroscope, if you fancy that control scheme one.

There is also an option for auto-shoot, you can enable them. This will allow you fire automatically at targets once you line up your shots. Some might find this actually jarring experience, but different strokes for different strokes.

A Step At a Time

It is virtually impossible to run while shooting. In fairness, real life application of shooting while sprinting is actually difficult to pull off. Of course, unless you are an action film superstar, you can do this all the time without even missing a target and dodging all projectiles at the same time. In Modern Combat 5: Blackout, you just cannot do this. Stop, shoot, move, stop, shoot. That's it.

Cover Girl

What a coincidence! There are lots of waist level set pieces littered all over the levels for you to use as cover. You are basically invulnerable with cover, PLUS, you can shoot at the targets while ducking away from their bullets.

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