Modern Combat 5: Blackout


Modern Combat 5: Blackout Guide


Remember, at first, you can only play as recon, and then you unlock all of the other classes. Obviously, classes have different weapon specialties and effective only in specific situations. Each class is complete with their own skill trees for you to upgrade through leveling up.

You can change your class before you start a mission through the main menu. The loadout icon is located at the bottom left corner, tap it and tap the class button and you will have access to the class list and their descriptions.

Recon: Default class, a good scout, quick in action. They are commonly armed with Semi Automatics. Effective in all ranges.

Heavy: Close-combat specialists that uses shotgun to dig a hole not only in the bodies of your enemies, but also everything behind them.

Assault : The perfect balance, as the class can stay on combat for a long time given their amount of bullets. Assault rifles are preferred guns and does wonders in medium-range.

Sniper: Range for days, taking out the enemies from afar is their specialty. Extremely useless in close quarter combat.

Support: The "healer" of the group, also provides respawning points for fallen comrades.

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