Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Armed to the Teeth

This is the fifth installment of the famous mobile First-Person Shooter franchise, Modern Combat. Obviously, many people had been labeling this game as the Call of Duty in the mobile arena. And they are not far off, and that is not a slight to both of the games. Call of Duty is a modern classic, not many will agree with me, but there is a reason why that franchise sells. It is just pure fun.

Modern Combat needs a constant Internet connection, I am giving you this information to help you decide on your purchase. Wait, the game is free, and there are different tiers, ranging from $1.99 (Enlisted Credits) to $99.99 (Spec Ops Accounts) as in-app purchases that you can use in a variety ways, from topping up energy to buying weapon crates. When this game was initially released, it has an upfront cost of $6.99 and then received a price cut and became available for $3.99 later in its lifetime. As of this writing, Modern Combat 5: Blackout is free, and employs the freemium model.

Those who bought the game when it still not available for free, Gameloft gave away 200 free credits, as well as the exclusion from the energy system, and of course, the Veteran status. The latter has no effect other than a virtual bragging rights.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is simply the best FPS in the mobile arena. It improves greatly from its predecessors, from gunplay to production values, from graphics to sound effects. There is no title in App Store right now that is as flashy, as bombastic, as polished, as entertaining as this one.

The campaign is good for short bursts. This is easily commendable, because an FPS in the mobile space that allows you to pick and play requires a lot of planning in the part of the developers.

Touchscreen controls is not just fit for First-Person Shooters, however, Modern Combat 5: Blackout took a clever way to spare us the frustration. The game is linear, heavily scripted, and is mostly situated on corridors. This is good, because you only have to aim at targets running in small spaces at a time. The limited area pushed the graphics to its best form, the action to have more impact, and the explosions to be felt by the players. I cannot hear the music over the screams of my targets and the penetration of my bullets through their virtual flesh, so yeah, probably that is a good thing.

There are other game modes aside from the campaign, actually they are embedded inside the campaigns. They seem to be placed rather strategically to break the monotony, and provide a little bit of variety. For example, there is an Assassinate mode, where you have to shoot your target in a crowd within seconds, and Breach, where you have to employ shock and awe to incapacitate terrorists, and here, you will be accompanied by an AI-controlled ally.

My only issue with this game is its Multiplayer, probably because I am not residing in North America, hence the lag is just unbearable. I just cannot give a proper judgment when I just can’t last a single second.

Yes, it is a shame, the game requires Internet connection everytime you play it. There are constant updates though, even to this day, and the updates are big too. Content gets updated also. The game just needs a handshake with the server (unless of course, there is a pending update), so even with a shoddy 3G you should be good to go.
4.0 / 5.0
review by Jasper Nikki | May 11th 2015

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Review by AresJan 6th 2021
The game is great but the lack of instructions and other key information is absolutely dire
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Review by GuestMar 15th 2018
It's alright. You play good as a pay player or farm, which takes longer.
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Review by GuestAug 20th 2017
This game is fun, especially so when going through the missions and progressing. However, it becomes frustrating later in multiplayer when it is obvious that certain players have decided to win by cheating or hacking. You can't win a match against a hacker. They are either teleporting when you finally get them dead to rights, have an unbelievable good aim and kill in a few shots and/or are indestructible. Gameloft needs to better screen players that are suspected of hacking which in my view is destroying the enjoyment of the game. I suspect that players that are hacking have attained their armor, weapons etc by a similar fashion aka
hacking. The honest players are paying to open up the various bundles and chests to become better armed and more competitive. Because of this major fault with the game, I will give it 3.5 stars.
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