Lily's Garden

Lily's Garden Moves and Boosts

Lily's Garden Moves and Boosts
Lily's Garden Guide


If you need a reminder how to get the different clearing boosts in Lily's Garden or how to use the tools to help you clear each level there we have here a guide to all of these.

Tile Match Boosts

These can be activated at the start of the level if you have them available to use.


Match 5-7 tiles of the same color to generate a Rocket on the board. Rockets will clear a line of tiles wen they are tapped.

The rocket will appear on the tile that you tap to make the match (although may fall) so consider where it will be most useful for it to be placed. Rockets have 2 directions they can clear in. Horizontally and vertically. The direction of a rocket is randomly selected when it appears.


Match 8 or 9 tiles of the same color to generate a bomb. Bombs will clear tiles around them when they are tapped with a radius of 2 in all directions. As with the rocket the bomb will appear where you tap for the match.

Magic flask

Match 10 or more tiles of a color to create a magic flask. The magic flask clears all tiles of the color of the flask on the board.


A combination of boosts will be the best way to clear a lot of tiles and be the key to making progress throgh the tricky stages. A combination is triggered when you tap a boost item that is next to another boost item on the board. Some combo benefits are:

Double Rockets: The tapped rocket will now fire in both horizontal and vertical direction.

Rocket and Bomb: The rocket will fire in its normal direction but will clear 3 rows of tiles instead of 1.

Magic flask and rocket. The flask will trigger and replace all the tiles of that colour on the board with a rocket which will then fire and clear a line each as normal.

Magic flask and bomb. The flask will trigger and replace all the tiles of that colour on the board with a bomb which will then fire and clear tiles as normal.

Double magic flask: This clears all tiles on the board.

In Game Tools

There are also 2 tools that you can use in game to help you win the levels. These can be received as rewards or also bought with coins.

Hand Trowel

Use this to dig out (remove) a single tile from the board in any location. This may be useful to help set up a large block to match or clear a stubborn piece that is blocking your progress.


Tap on any tile to clear the row and column that it is in. This works like the double rocket combo above.

If you have any questions for Lily's Garden please check the Answers Page to ask it there or see if you can help others with their questions.

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