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Lily's Garden Guide

Events Guide

Daily Harvest
This event is unlocked when you complete level 20. To get rewards you just need to play the game every day of a week. The rewards vary each day with a bonus reward on day 7. Repeat every week to keep earning rewards.
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Grow the largest sunflower in town - Complete levels and receive rewards.
Timed event (48 hours) complete levels to win infinite lives bonuses and game boosts

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Flower Gathering
A time limited event - play levels and collect tiles of a certain colour - tiles add up after each level
The first step is to qualify then collect more tiles to reach reward goals and be promoted up a league system for better rewards.

Hot Streak
Beat up to 3 levels in a row in one try and unlock powerful boosters at the start of each level. Play though levels without loosing and you can start the next level with free boosters. Beat 1 to get a free rocket, beat 2 to get a free rocket and a free bomb and beat 3 or more to get a free rocket, bomb and magic potion for each round until you lose or the timer runs out.

rocket Ruckus
A time limited event. Use boosts items (rockets, bombs and potions) during levels to earn points and get rewards. You need to earn 50 first to qualify and then as many as possible during the event timer to get the best score you can before submitting it to the leader board. If you lose a level while you are playing though you will loose your points and start again from 0. The better the score that you submit the more rewards you can win but losing will leave you with nothing again. If you see a Hard level coming next possibly best to submit the score or consider using boosters to help you complete it.
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