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How to clear Obstacles and Objectives

How to clear Obstacles and Objectives
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The levels in Lily's Garden have many different objectives to complete and obstacles to get in your way. In many cases the objective is to clear the obstacle pieces. In case you need a reminder of how to deal with each of these and some tips to do so this page will help you with that.
How to clear Obstacles and Objectives
Match next to them to clear and collect them. Dandelions will fall and move with the tiles

Match next to them to clear them. Rocks are fixed in place until they are cleared

Seed Bags
Clear tiles below them to drop them to the bottom of the screen to collect them.
If you can match 5-7 blocks to place a rocket in the column below or above the seed bag and you are lucky enough that it is a vertical firing rocket then you will clear all the pieces immediately. If it is not vertical then you may be able to get a second rocket adjacent to it to make it fire in both directions.

Box of seed bags
Same as the seed bags above except they are larger and need you to clear 2 columns of tiles below them.

Water Drops
Tiles that are covered with a water drop outline just need to be matched to collect the water drop as an objective in the game. Match any tiles with drops that you can but if in doubt the safest strategy is to match pairs or more of tiles towards the top of the screen with drops on them as these may no longer match if you select ones lower down first.

Bees appear on flowers on the game board. Making a match next to the flower will collect 1 bee from it. The flower will remain where it is though and another bee will land on it. Keep making matches next to flower to collect all the bees you need for the level.

Potted Plants
Potted plants are coloured pots that you must clear from the board. To clear them you have to match tiles next to them but only ones that are the same color as the pot. You can also clear them with rockets and bombs.

Chestnuts are a 2 stage obstacle to clear. You must match any tiles next to them to remove 1 half of the shell and then make a second match to clear it completely. You can also clear 1 stage with a bomb or rocket. Chestnuts are not fixed so they will fall with tiles like the dandelions.

Weeds grow.To clear them you just need to match next to them in the same way as dandelions. However any move you make that doesn't clear at least 1 tile of weeds will allow another tile to be overgrown with weeds. If you don't keep hitting them back then they will take over the board.

Mushrooms come in different colours, you much match the same colour as the mushroom next to it to clear it from the board. Mushrooms are fixed and don't fall with the tiles. They can also be cleared with rockets, bombs etc.

Snails need to be removed by targeting them with rockets or bombs. You can also use the trowel or rake tools to clear them.

Make matches next to birdnets to clear them, or use the rockets and other boosters. They will contain a tile, or other obstacle inside that will be released. Birdnets are fixed items and won't drop with the rest of the tiles.

Lightbulb Bushes
Each bush will have strings of lighbulbs. Make matches next to the bush and light up one bulb for every tile that is touching the bush in the match. Once all the bulbs are lit the bush will be removed. You also light bulbs with rockets and other boosters. One bulb for each tile of the bush that is affected by the booster.

Butterfly Cocoons
Butterfly cocoons are a 2 stage obstacle. First you must make a match next to them to hatch a butterfly from it which will be the same colour as the tiles you matched. Then you must make a second match next to the butterfly of the same colour that the butterfly is. You can also clear each stage with a rocket or bomb.
The butterflies / cocoons are not fixed and will drop down the board if tiles are cleared below them.

Garden Gnomes
Gnomes appear in boxes, and will be of different colours, match tiles next to the box to clear gnomes of that colour from the box. When the box is empty it will be removed from the board. The boxes of gnomes are fixed in position and do not fall if tiles are removed below them.

Saplings are small plant shoots in a pot that are placed in the board. You need to make matches next to them, but it takes 3 matches to clear each pot. Each match will grow the sapling into a plant. Once a flower forms the next match will clear it. Saplings are not fixed and will fall as tiles are removed below them.

Picnic Baskets
Picnic baskets are a 3 state obstacle which can only be cleared using rockets and bombs. Match tiles anywhere to make rockets, bombs or combos that include one of these to hit the baskets and advance them by a stage.
The baskets are fixed in position and do not drop when tiles are removed below.

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