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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

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Welcome to our walkthrough for Chapter 5 of Legend of the Time Stones, a new Adventure Escape Mysteries game.

After reaching the Island in the sky in Chapter 4, we have now opened the door and made our way into the Temple of War. Now we must try to find the third time stone.

Chapter 5

On the floor are 2 levers, tap the 1 on the left to turn on a fan which will raise the sphere up to the ceiling.
This will reveal a star symbol. Use the pink time stone on this to open a rift.
Chapter 5

Collect from the rift a Spiral Key from the ground and a crown from the left statue.
Note the blue tiles on the block pattern in front of the door.

Close the rift and tap the left lever again to drop the sphere. You will see the 2 drawers on the left column again.
Use the spiral key to unlock the top drawer and collect a pink crystal from inside.
Chapter 5

Repeat as before, tap the left lever then open the rift again. Above the door is a crystal shaped hole. Place the pink crystal there to open the door.
Close the rift and you can now go through the door to the next floor.
Chapter 5

Star: On the skeleton in the center.

First place the Crown on the Skeleton, this will give you the bow and arrow.
As below there are 2 switches on the floor, tap the left one. The orb from below will rise up and initially reveal a mural on the wall.
Chapter 5

Tap the left switch again and the orb will fall and reveal another star symbol on the left.
Use the star symbol with the pink time stone again to open another rift.
Chapter 5

As before note the positions of the blue tiles on the pattern in front of the door.
Collect the star key from the rift. Close the Rift and then tap the left switch again to reveal the mural.

Now go through the door on the left to go back down stairs to the first room.
Tap the left switch to turn off the fan and drop the orb back to the bottom. Revealing the 2 drawers again.
You can now use the star key to open the lower drawer. Collect a block.
Chapter 5

Next use the bow and arrow on the fire pit to get a bow and fire arrows. Then use this on the cobweb top right.
Collect the Diamond Key.

Tap the left switch again to start the fan Then go back upstairs.
Use the fire arrows on the cobweb on this ceiling and you will get another block. Then use the the diamond key to open the chest on the right and collect a third block.
Chapter 5

Next tap the front panel of the stone round table in the center to find a puzzle.
Add the 3 blocks to it to start.
Chapter 5

Hint: drag the blocks around to arrange them into the correct locations. The clue is the mural.
Solution: Examine the mural for the locations of the shields, swords, crown, axes and spears. Move the blocks to match this layout.Show
Layout: Chapter 5Show

Once done the table top will open and you can view a new puzzle.
Chapter 5

For this you need to reassemble the broken crystal. Like a jigsaw
Solution: Chapter 5Show

Once you have the green crystal place it in the slot over the left doorway. You now need to collect the pink crystal from downstairs.
To do this go down and use the left switch to turn off the fan. The orb should drop to the floor.
Now go back up and flip the switch to make sure the left hole is closed.
Go back down and flip the switch again to lift the orb to the ceiling which should reveal the star symbol. So you can open a rift to the past.
Chapter 5

In the past rift you can collect the pink crystal from above the door.
Go back up stairs and place the pink crystal above the right door. Then also flip the switch to raise the orb up to the ceiling.
Chapter 5

Go through the right door to the top floor of the temple.
Chapter 5

Star: on the eye of the statue.

There is another tile pattern on the floor by the doorway. Check the blue tiles.

There are 2 more switches here. Tap the left on to left the left orb rise up and then tap the right one to left the right orb fall down.

Go back down 1 floor and you will see that the falling orb has reveals a blue book in the floor. Collect the Piano book.
Chapter 5

Then go back up and use the piano book on the activated piano on the left.
Chapter 5
Hint: use the clues in the book to play 5 notes in the correct order.
Solution: Chapter 5Show

Once done you can collect a lever handle.

Now switch the right lever to make sure the right hole is closed.
Then go down to the bottom floor. Tap the right had level to turn on the right side fan.
Chapter 5

Then go back to the middle floor.
Add the level handle to the right side switch and pull it to make the right orb lift up to the ceiling.
You can then collect a moon pendant.
Chapter 5

Return to the bottom floor and tap the right switch to turn off the fan, the orb should now drop to the ground.
This will reveal a new puzzle box on the right column.
Chapter 5

Hint: this has 6 columns with blue switches. Use clues found above to solve this.
Solution: There are 3 floor patterns by the doors that have blue tiles. Use these to find the correct positions.Show
Chapter 5Show

You can now collect a Mirror Shield.
Now flip the switches so that both fans are on.
Go back up to the top floor and make sure the 2 orbs are through and on to the ceiling.
The roof will open.

Place the mirror shield in the center to reflect the light onto the crystal. You can then collect a Sun pendant from the right.
Chapter 5

For the next step you need the right orb on the ground floor ceiling.
Turn the right fan off on the ground floor, then close the right hole on the middle floor. Then Turn the right fan on again on the ground floor.

This reveals a panel on the right statue. Place the 2 pendants here and you can collect a Taurus Figurine.
Chapter 5

Next you need both Orbs on the top floor of the temple. Close the top floor holes so that they are on the floor.

Use the star symbol that is revealed to open a past rift. You will see a new board game.
Chapter 5

Add the Taurus figurine to start.
Chapter 5
Follow the instructions and move the blocks around the board to the correct locations.
Chapter 5

Once done the statue opens and you can move through to meet the God of War.
Chapter 5

Use the locket to start the battle.
There are 3 stages as before. In each you will see 3 symbols on the god and 3 star symbols around the room to activate with the Past stone. In each rift that opens you can find 2 matching symbols.
Chapter 5

Once you find all 6 Taurus will be damaged and you move on to the next stage.
Once the battle is over Taurus will give you the future time stone.

Chapter 5
Take this and you will complete Chapter 5.
Move on to Chapter 6.

And that’s the end of Chapter 5! Click here to continue to Chapter 6 or choose a chapter below.

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