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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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Welcome to our walkthrough for Chapter 1 of Legend of the Time Stones, a new Adventure Escape Mysteries game.

Following the battle with the God Chronos at the end of Chapter 1 you have been sent back in time. You are now back outside the Temple on the Island of Time.
Chapter 2

First collect the sparkling object it the sand. A piece of a time stone.
Then tap the stone cube on the sand to activate the locket and tap the green shard.

You will get to see Ollie in the present.
Chapter 2

Next collect a spear head that is stuck in the tree on the right. Then tap to view the broken spear on the sand in the center.
Chapter 2

Use the spear head here to fix it and collect the Spear.

Now tap the bottle floating on the right to try to take it.
A water dragon appears.
Use the spear on the dragon.

You can then collect a Dragon Horn and also the message from the bottle.
Chapter 2

Next use the dragon spike on each of the 3 tree on the island. You will receive 3 logs.
From the one on the right you should now also collect the 'leaf' that is left behind.

View the center circle under the sand again and then use the leaf to brush away the sand. covering it.
Chapter 2

Collect the pink Runic ball that you find.
Then notice 3 piles of lighter colored sand around the island. Use the leaf on these as well to uncover them.
Chapter 2

Collect a green Runic ball.
Then view the chest on the back left.
Chapter 2

Hint: the note in the bottle had a clue for this
Solution: Combine the shapes on the left and the right to form a number digit.Show
Code: 8625Show

Collect an orange Runic ball from inside.

Now view the puzzle that was under the sand on the right side.
Add the 3 runic balls to it to start.
Chapter 2

Hint: get the pink ball in place first, then the blue, then orange and finally green.
Chapter 2

Stairs will appear. You can now collect a flag from the top right tower and some vines from the left left tower.
Chapter 2

Place the 3 logs on the ground on the right next to the other 2. Then use the vines to lash them together.
This makes a raft.
Chapter 2

We now sail to the next island.
Island of Stars
Talk to Luna.
Chapter 2

Star: on the head of the statue in the center.

Tap the brown rock on the lower left to move it, then you can collect the lever.
Place the lever on the switch to the left of Luna.

Once done the water clears and you can collect the other half of the green time stone.
Tap the stone with the star symbol to the right of Luna to activate the locket. Then tap the time stone.
Chapter 2

After some explanation you now need to repeat the process.
Then collect the triangular stone.

Place the triangle in the slot on the right. This will reveal another star symbol.
Use the locket on this to activate it. You will see another time rift.
Chapter 2

Collect the Torch from the ground in the rift and take a note of the positions of the parts of the Pegasus statue in the future rift.

Now tap on the Pegasus on the right, you can tap the 4 buttons to move the parts.
Chapter 2

Set them to match the pose from the rift.
Solution: Chapter 2Show

Another Star symbol stone will appear to the left of the Pegasus. Use the locket on this to activate it.
Chapter 2

Use the torch that you have collected on the fire in the rift to light it.

With the lit torch you can then light the 2 gold bowls either side of the Star temple doorway.
This will open the door.
Chapter 2

Go through into the temple courtyard.
Chapter 2

Star: on the wall to the right of the round Star doorway.

First collect the blue tile from the floor.
Then tap the star symbol on the left column to activate your locket and then open another rift.
Chapter 2

Tap the skeleton to find a note with a clue.
Chapter 2

Then tap on the open chest above it to collect a wing key.
Take note of the 4 stars on the left column in the rift. There are pink pointers on each.

Tap outside the rift to close it. Then you can use the wing key to open the closed chest
Collect a Stone Key.

Tap the bottom left to return to the previous area.
You can then use the wing key again to open the treasure chest in the waterfall.
Chapter 2

Collect a Rune Block.

Place the floor tile in the gap in front of the statue of the lady holding the torch. A panel will open.
Now use the star symbol to the left op open the rift again. You will now see a star ornament in the opened panel. Collect it.
Chapter 2

Go back through to the temple courtyard.
Add the star ornament to the missing gap on the right column. And place the rune block on the bottom right.
4 buttons will appear.
Chapter 2

Now you can tap the star symbol on the bottom of the right column to open another rift.
Chapter 2

Hint: Notice these stars also have pointers.
Solution: Tap the 4 buttons to rotate each star and match the positions that you saw on the left column earlier.Show

Collect the second Stone key.
Now view the center floor circle again and place the 2 stone keys.
Chapter 2

Then tap the center star symbol to activate the locket. This will then open a panel on the right of the temple door. View it for a puzzle.
Chapter 2

Follow the instructions and move the star to the slot on the right.
Once done a second panel opens, this is a similar puzzle with with 3 stars to move.
Chapter 2

Once complete the center door will open. After the conversation with Luna head inside to complete the Chapter.
Chapter 2

Move on to Chapter 3

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