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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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Welcome to our walkthrough for Chapter 3 of Legend of the Time Stones, a new Adventure Escape Mysteries game.

In Chapter 2 you have reached the Island of Stars and met Luna. After opening the door you have now entered the Temple of Stars.
Chapter 3

Star: On the ceiling in the center.

First collect the scroll on the bottom right and read the note for a clue.
Chapter 3

Next collect a Mural Brick, that is between the chest and the pillar on the left.
By the right pillar is a level. Tap this to see that the chain needs repairing and then you can collect another mural brick from next to it.

Tap the star symbol block on the right to activate your locket and then use the time stone to open a rift.
Chapter 3

Collect the brush.
Use the brush on the second black on the left that is dirty. Then once clean tap it and use the stone to open a new rift.
Chapter 3

Collect the third mural block. Then tap the stones on the ground in the rift to move one and find a Heart Gem.
Now tap the star symbol block on the right again and reopen the rift with the skeleton.
Add the heart gem to the chest in the rift and then you can collect a fourth Mural Block.
Chapter 3

Now on the top left wall there is a mural with the 4 empty spaces, view this.
Chapter 3

Add the 4 blocks to it, Aila will read the inscription.
Chapter 3

“Five worlds circle our sun.
She watches over every one.”
“For every world, she births a daughter.
Sent below, through clouds and water.”
Raised on the surface for 7000 days.
They return to the stars for the next phase.”
“A chance to take their mother’s place.
To become the All-Mother of time and space.”

Now view the red door on the left.
Hint: to open this you need 5 directions to press the pointers around the circle in the correct order.
Solution: View the note to see 6 symbols. the arrows tell us that we need the movements between these 6 symbols to give us 5 directions., The first symbol represents the blue planet on the mural in the top left. the second is the All mother, so the direction moved here is Down/Right. (South East). follow the rest of the movements to get the code.Show
Code: Down/Right, Down/Left, Right, Up, Left.Show

Go through the opened door.
Chapter 3

There is a star symbol in the center. Tap and use the locket to open a rift.
Chapter 3

You can the collect the Pegasus horn from the alcove above the star symbol.
You can also collect a pink Runic Coin from the rift.

Tap outside the rift to close it then place the horn on the Pegasus statue.
This will give you the chain.
Chapter 3

Go back through the door on the left down to the first chamber.
You can then place the chain in above the lever on the right and pull it to reveal an elevator.
Chapter 3

Enter the elevator and it will take you down to a third room.
Chapter 3

Star: above the elevator on the left.

First: Collect a second runic coin from the bottom right.
Then tap the star symbol on the block by the statue on the right to open a rift.
Chapter 3

From the rift collect the Bucket and a Hexagon Gem.

Now go back in the elevator. And then up the stairs to the top floor.
There is a large barrel of explosive powder at the front. Use the bucket here to collect some.
You can then also collect a magnet from the barrel.
Chapter 3

Now use the magnet on the circular pattern on the wall above the Star symbol. This will pull it out and you can collect another Runic coin.
Chapter 3

Next tap the star shaped puzzle on the top right.
Add the 3 runic coins to start.
Chapter 3

Hint: to solve this drag the coins around, find the symbols under each spot and move the matching coin to its place.
Solution: Chapter 3Show

Once done a ball will be released from the top right and roll down to the floor below. Go down stairs.
You will receive a heart key.

From here use the elevator to go down the the lower floor.
Then use the heart key on the cabinet at the back.
Chapter 3

View the puzzle inside.
Chapter 3

Hint: move the sliders to arrange the lines and make roman numerals. You can only make one at a time.
Example: Chapter 3Show
Solution: IV, III, V, IXShow

Now view the stone circle on the floor on the lower left of the room view. This has a matching set of 4 numerals to set. Enter the code found above.
Chapter 3

A panel opens and you can collect a torch.
Then light the torch using the fire in the room.

Go back up to the top floor now, there are 2 pedestals on the right that you can now light with the lit torch.
Doing this will open the box and you can collect a second Hexagon Gem.
Chapter 3

Return to the bottom floor. There are 2 statues with hexagon slots on their chests. Place the gems.
This will raise the center circle.
Chapter 3

Next use the bucket with the explosive powder on the open hole by the golden orb.
Then finally use the torch to light it and fire the orb up the track to the next floor.

Go up to the next floor and receive a Star Key.
You will also see a new puzzle appear on the foot of the statue.
First though use the star key to open the chest on the left.
Chapter 3

Collect a stone tablet and a Sirius figurine.
Read the tablet for clues.
Chapter 3

On the floor you will see projected positions of 5 spots on the rings. This is another clue.
Now view the puzzle on the statue.
Chapter 3

Hint: Using the clues you need to swap the planets to place them in the correct order form the center. Then also position them in the correct places on the rings. The tablet will tell you the order. The map on the floor is the positions. To rotate the planets around tap and drag a ring without tapping the planet itself.
Solution: Chapter 3Show

With that done you will reveal another board game. Place the Sirius figurine to start.
Chapter 3

Hint: push each of the 3 colored cylinders onto the correct square. It must have the color on top when it is on the square. You can push it over and then roll it sideways to help with the movement.

A doorway is revealed. Go through to Sirius's Throne room.
Chapter 3

Tap the star symbol to start a conversation. This will be followed by the puzzle fight with the God of Stars.

Tap the star symbol and use the locket Time stone. You then have a times puzzle to select the correct 3 from the moving symbols. You need to find the twice.
Chapter 3

Then repeat this process 2 more times as it speeds up.
When Sirius is defeated the sorcerer returns to attack you but Luna arrives and takes care of him.

Follow the conversation to receive the 'Past Stone' and complete Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Move on to Chapter 4.

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