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Welcome to our walkthrough for Chapter 1 of Legend of the Time Stones, a new Adventure Escape Mysteries game.

You begin by meeting with Siegfried and Ollie who have prepared a boat for you. You need to sail to a nearby island to investigate a strange green light.

Chapter 1

After the initial scene that covers a little back story you arrive at a temple on another island and need to find a way in.

Chapter 1

Star: On the top left tower of the temple

First open the chest that is on the boat. You will find Ollie.

Chapter 1

Collect a shovel from the chest.

Next open the satchel of the skeleton to find a note to read. And a green Stone key to collect.

Chapter 1

Then collect a sword from the sand

Just to the right of the skeleton is a bush, use the sword on this to remove it and then collect the pink stone key.

Next use he shovel on a half buries box on the left of the scene to dig it up. View it.

Chapter 1

The box requires a 3 symbol combination.

Hint: check the note for clues.



Look at the highlighted words in the note.

“here on the Island of Time”

“Island of Stars to the west”

“Island in the Sky to the east”

Note the positions, west, here, east (left, center, right) and then clues, time, stars, sky.



Star, Hourglass, Cloud

Open the box and collect the orange Stone key.

Now you can view the stone circle in the ground. There are 3 slots in it.

Chapter 1

Add the 3 stone keys to it and a panel will open on the left of the temple. View this to find a puzzle.

Chapter 1

Hint: rotate the rings to allow the green laser beam to pass through all 5 circles. Moving any color ring will move all others of the same color. This one is simple.

Once done a second panel opens, view this for the next puzzle.

Chapter 1

Hint: this is the same puzzle but more complicated.

Once done the temple door opens and you can go inside.

Inside the Temple of Time

Chapter 1

Star: on the eye of the dragon sculpture.

First collect the green gem from under the dragons head.

Then use it on the hexagonal slot on the left to reveal some steps.

Chapter 1

Now you can collect a piece of stone tablet from the top of the steps.

Tap to view the other piece of broken table on the wall above the green gem.

Then add the piece to it.

Chapter 1

You can now tap it for Aila to read the text.

“The center of the world, where the north star glows,

The sands of time, how different they flow.”

“Backwards and forwards, like the dragons below,

Who swam in our oceans, a lifetime ago.”

Note the colored tiles with roman numerals.

Now view the green and gold chest on the floor. You need a 4 digit code.

Chapter 1

Hint: the digits are numerals.



Check the tablet and count up how many times you see the Roman numerals I II III IV



9834 or IX VIII III IV

Collect a Golden orb from inside.

Now at the top of the steps is a a closed door with a circle slot on the right.

Use the golden orb here and the door will open.

Chapter 1

Go though the door to the next room.

Chapter 1

Star: On the top center above the circle.

Open the bag in the center to find another note and a chisel to collect.

Chapter 1

On the ground to the left is a cracked stone. Use the chisel on this to break it open.

You can then collect a 'Dragon spike'

Now tap the doorway on the right to exit the room. Back to the first room.

There is another cracked stone on the floor on the right. Use the chisel on this and collect another Dragon Spike.

Now place the 3 spikes in the round slots on the right of the dragon.

You can then use the chisel to knock down the broken wall on the top right.

Chapter 1

Collect a Statue head from behind the wall and then tap the lever, this will flip an hourglass and make the sands in the temple run backwards.

Return to the second room (Chronos).

Place the statue head on the left statue, and you will receive the Scepter.

Chapter 1

Now use the Scepter on the right side statue. It will be tipped over.

Collect a Taurus figurine from underneath.

Go back though to the first room. Collect the golden orb from the right of the doorway. The door will be jammed open by the statue.

Place the golden orb into the hole in the floor on the left. The sand flowing upwards will take it up and into the top slot.

Then return to the second room.

Chapter 1

A panel is open on the right.


Open the box inside and collect a Dragon key.

Use the key to open the green chest on the floor. Collect a second golden orb.

Go back to the first room and place this second orb into the hole in the floor on the right. It will also travel upwards and into the top slot.

Go back to the second room.

A panel is open on the left


Open the box inside and collect the Sirius Figurine.

Chapter 1

With both sides open you can now pull the 2 levers.

This opens a doorway to reveal a puzzle.

Chapter 1

Hint: there are 3 locks with symbols that we have seen in the temple. These make words. Set the words correctly.



In the room are the 3 plaques with the names of the gods, Sirius, Chronos and Taurus. arrange the symbols to copy the name plates.

Chapter 1

The sand shakes and reveals more of the skeleton on the left.

Use the scepter on this to collect a Chronos figurine.

Go back to the first room. Pull the top right lever to reverse the sand flow again.

The orbs will fall and reveal a new puzzle.

Chapter 1

To begin place the 3 figurines on the board.

Chapter 1

Hint: move the green figurine around the board. Each move will be copies by the other figurines. You need to align each of them on the correct colored tile.

Once done the dragon head will open and you can go through and up to the next area.

Chapter 1

The Sorcerer is here and the God Chronos.

Chapter 1

Tap the Sorcerer to begin a battle. The Sorcerer will command Chronos to attack you.

Tap the green glowing star on Chronos to activate your Sacred stone and try to defeat him.

It doesn't work. You try on the Scorcerer.

Chapter 1

Hint: Watch his shield change color. Tap the same colored sacred stone to attack him. Repeat this 3 times.

When he speeds up the shield color change the next step is to tap all of the stones together.

Chapter 1

This completes Chapter 1. you can move on to Chapter 2.

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