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Review by GuestMay 2nd 2022
Nothing but GREED from this company. They took away our only guaranteed way to earn gems, which are integral to advancing.
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Review by GuestApr 30th 2022
Not happy with the changes, less prizes, less
Incentive to play, they just want players to keep spending.
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Review by GuestNov 2nd 2021
I play this game all the time, loved it. Now it's becoming a rip off, one away from getting dolphins for two days, nothing, so disappointed I might quit playing....hoping they will fix problem....not like wooga has to pay for dolphins..
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Review by GuestOct 15th 2021
Game crashes often and having to restart the game every few minutes became the normal way to play it.
Sad that you're restarting the app more than actual playing it. Updates did not improve the crashing. I uninstalled the game. Was once a beautiful, fun game, but became a nightmare. Bye June's Journey.
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Review by KateOct 9th 2021
I am 73 y/o and in poor health. I have played and loved this game for the last 3 1/2 years. I previously rated this game a 5, however due to a recent change I am seriously thinking of changing my rating to much lower. This game used to be easy for an old lady to play; no pressure, easy to see scenes and plenty of extras to make it interesting. However, this morning I discovered a change that literally sickened me. I am referring to your change to the Spot the Difference competition. The mirrored image actually gave me a headache and nausea. This method gave me vertigo! I don't have any idea if there are other players with a seizure history, but this method set mine off! i wonder if this change is geared for younger players and to eliminate the older players. After all, younger players have more money to spend on this game than older players, many of whom live on Social Security. I sincerely pray that this was not intended. Please reconsider and return this one to its previously fun method. Thank you for your consideration. If your intent is to 'get rid' of elderly players you are going about it correctly! Kate of Texas raised, Texas Proud
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Review by GuestJun 15th 2021
Since the drink switches the game has lost a lot of its appeal. If you wanted to stop people getting them by team hopping put a 24 hr delay on it, just like the competition delay for new members.

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Review by GuestJun 13th 2021
Used to be a fun game. Changes implemented are not for benefit of player. Stay away
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Review by GuestJun 10th 2021
Skip this game! It will end costing you.
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Review by GuestJun 9th 2021
Loved this game until they made it harder to get compasses and changed the drink lounge around. I would spend quite a bit every month, it's my one vice. I will wait a bit to see if they change the drinks lounge, but if not, it was good, but not good enough to keep me.
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Review by GuestJun 9th 2021
I started playing a year ago and it was s fun diversion. As I advanced it became frustrating, time consuming and forced repetitive play to be able to advance in the game. Joined a club but recent changes negated any benefit to that and to advance at all now requires watching the same glitch ads every 5 min or spending $$$. Was fun and now is an expensive bore.
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Review by GuestJun 9th 2021
Loved this game and the story line for 2 years. So many changes and glitches that they've destroyed the fun in playing. I'm on a team and we've gotten so close over the past year, I have been staying on because of them. Now we are joining the boycotting of the game and hoping things will improve. Story line is also getting not so interesting. Items for purchase in game just not worth the cost either in game diamonds/coins or in real money.

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Review by GuestJun 9th 2021
I used to love this game. Lately a lot of changes were unfavorable, but I still able to accept it, as even when it slow down the progress on the scenes, add the challenge to decoration, but we still have the fun on playing together with our friends in competitin and league. But the last change on the lounge feature really kills the most joy of the game, helping fellow team mates in the game!
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Review by GuestJun 8th 2021
I’ve been playing JJ for years, loved the game & storyline, spent money on diamonds & special decorations at least every other week BUT I’m done, I will not spend anymore money, watch anymore ads, play their competitions or in their leagues. They keep changing thing’s but not fixing, existing, glitches, mistakes, etc. I’ve gone along with all this, turned a blind eye, hoping they would fix and improve upon the game but they have not. They have gifted items and then taken them from us (glitch/error they created), had competitions where there were actual missing items in scenes but did not end comp or fix glitch, posted competitions and then changed them, had glitches in the game that cost player’s energy or money but tried to blame the player’s. This company has a zero fault problem, It’s NEVER THEIR FAULT. The customer service and technical help are “Nonexistent”. If you post a problem or something they do not like on their group boards, they delete it. If you have a problem, period, they do not care and do not help. This has been the worst gaming experience I have EVER had so I do not recommend playing June’s Journey to anyone unless of course you want to spend lots of money for a lot of aggravation. It’s sad that 6 months ago I would of told you how amazingly awesome June’s Journey was... NOW, I’ll tell you, it’s not worth installing! Save your time and money for something that’s better than this!
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Review by GuestJun 8th 2021
Once again this game has become all about Wooga and their greed. What they won’t do to make money.... currently they have changed cafe and you can no longer accumulate energy in the same way. Thus your ability to move on in the game, to compete, and to help teammates is greatly restricted. Hopefully current boycott will have some impact.

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Review by GuestMar 3rd 2021
The game is awful. They have an awful chat. No way to post emojis, etc.
The team set up a joke when those in charge can bully you and discriminate.
So many other issues. They need to focus on the things besides the scenes and island to make game play fair and fun.
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Review by GuestFeb 23rd 2021
So I no longer am playing junes journey. I had played for over two years. Thought I would go through withdrawal. Not so. I am so relieved to be free of an addictive game that cost me money. For those of you who feel addicted and feel you are spending too much money on this game, quit the game and feel freedom and a new life beginning. Remember to Wooga does not care about you at all, they just want your money.
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Review by GuestFeb 21st 2021
I want to thank you for years of enjoyment Wooga. The game has changed very drastically. I am sure it has to do with the need for more money to operate. In the beginning it was a wonderful game. These changes leave me disheartened. Be aware that they take people from your main group you have had for years and trade them in for others. And soon you recognize no one. So in a way they take long time buddies from you. This game is empty now. My long time buddies were taken from me.
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Review by GuestFeb 17th 2021
Was enjoying game until I needed help from contact us and haven’t received a response from Support,
Tried 3 times.......pretty poor player support
Thinking about dropping June’s journey

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Review by GuestJan 25th 2021
The higher you get in the game, the more they take away from you. Like 55 materials in help wanted was always released when you collected for a flight ended. Now you actually have to collect the 55 materials. They punish you when you are close to reaching their last available level, which at present is 1050. Just be aware. This will work against Wooga. Since this happened I have decided not to spend money on game.
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Review by GuestJan 23rd 2021
We've seen a sudden and drastic change in the game. It's no longer about the game experience. It's become a Wooga experiment on how much they can get the users to pay for the same experience I've been playing for years. The prices are through the roof for Help Wanted with less and less quality/product reward. The comps scene in the case of this weekend have doubled. There are two time extended comps in this week. This begs to show the company just wants to see how much when pushed, the users will pay to keep, an keep, and keep playing to line their pockets. This was a GREAT game. I am so disappointed. I'm going to start changing my feedback on internet reviews. I hope you get more reviews and your statistics are unfavorable. If not, than yes I'll play less or find another game. Because... it's just a game.
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Review by GuestSep 19th 2020
Stingy on keys making it impossible to achieve prize. Sacrificed too many goes and diamonds with little results.
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Review by GuestAug 19th 2020
This game is not for anyone with any visual issues. Some of the clues are hidden in such abstract ways that it’s impossible to find them without seeking assistance. Competitions are hard to win unless you pay big bucks. Have not found their support team to be helpful very often.
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Review by GuestJul 20th 2020
Used to be great. Not anymore. Greedy. You want me to say more? Stop being so greedy!
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Review by GuestJul 6th 2020
This WAS a good game and it has been completely ruined with ridiculous challengers that you have to search forums to find out exactly what is needed - like "spend 55 materials" - I have no buildings to upgrade & Jack won't be back for over 24 hrs. I don't want to play a game where I'm dependent on others to help me progress. I do NOT LIKE Wooga manipulating us. Have come close to deleting over the ridiculous cafe a few times and this game is quickly drawing to its conclusion with many others away. Shame on you Wooga for destroying the best FB game out. If I could give 0 stars I would.
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Review by GuestFeb 16th 2020
Very disappointed that there is nothing after playing the game this long and it ends with Sunflower island. Will probably not play any game like this ever again.
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Review by GuestNov 10th 2019
Its confusing. I don't understand what to do or how to do what on the estate
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Review by GuestJul 16th 2019
I enjoy the game but the storage part is driving me crazy and it looks like asking a question will not work either because it shows no questions have been answered. Guess I will dump this game!
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