June's Journey - Hidden Object

Hints and Tips for June's Journey

Hints and Tips for June's Journey
June's Journey - Hidden Object Guide


June’s Journey is a game of hidden objects and the hiding part is done very well. Each scene in the game will have some easy to spot objects to get you started but there are many more that are deviously hidden or just disguised in unusual ways to make them easy to miss.

Checking through the room can feel very frustrating at times when the object should be easy to spot but not all objects in the game are what you expect . Check below for a list of tips to remember when playing.

Think laterally

An item may not be a literal item. For example a ship may just be a picture of a ship. A lion may just be a lions face. So while searching the scene keep your mind open to anything that relates to the clue as opposed to a physical object.

Objects can appear in places that are easy to overlook. Check outside windows, within paintings (a 'hat' may be being worn by a person in a painting for example), or just scattered around the edge of a photo you may be examining.

Just part of the Decor

Check furniture, picture frames, mouldings, and clothes for representations of the item you are looking for and decorative elements in the room. This is often true of items that don't fit the overall scene, if you are looking for a pine cone in a lounge then its probably just decor.

Memory and regular play

In June's Journey you will play each scene multiple times on your way through and each time you will find some items repeating from before. When those clues pop up you will want to be quick to find it again and give yourself the chance of maximising your score. Playing through each scene without a long break in between goes will help with this and having a good eye for any new items that appear with a new turn at the scene will help as they are most likely going to be appearing on your clue list to find.

Don't rush it

Yes there are some bonuses for time, but the game is intended to be relaxing and enjoyable so don;t feel you have to rush through. You will have a limited amount of energy to use so take your time and let the energy refill so you can have more goes.

Start fast

At the start of each turn you will get a dimmed screen of the scene and be able to make out the first three items to find. you can take a moment before committing to the level to try to find them, You may even be able to increase your screen brightness to help you put here. If you are replaying the scene you may already know where one of more of the is so you can plan your taps to immediately get a boost.

Save Rewards

Completing scenes will get you reward boxes but you don't need to rush to open these. Many will contain energy which you will only need when playing for a length of time so you can wait until you need to top up on this to open them.

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