Idle Zombies

Hints and Tips for Idle Zombies

Hints and Tips for Idle Zombies
Idle Zombies Guide

Idle zombies is a fun game to play and a challenge to unlock all the cities and reach the higher levels. Below are out hints and tips for making it through the zombie onslaught.

Claim Claim and Claim some more
The game is very good at earning you money but you cant spend it until you claim it. Remember to claim the money from each city that you have unlocked and also to check the dog houses in each regularly if you have auto work enabled for them.

Use City buffs
City buffs can be found by tapping the red lightning flash button on the right above the claim button. There are several options here to spend money to gain boosts and advantages but also 2 items to give you a boost in damage and revenue for a 4 hour period in return for watching an advert. These will have a big impact to your fighting and earning effectiveness so we would recommend using them when you can.

Free rewards
Each day there is a free reward available to collect by tapping the calendar icon towards the top left of the screen. In the first week of play these is an extra reward also available. Make sure you grab these.

Collect the airdrops
Another way to get a good free reward is from the airdrops Once in a while you will get a crate on a parachute float down the screen these crates contain rewards of either money or metals for weapon upgrades. When you see one make sure to tap on it. In some cases you will need to watch a video advert to claim what is in side but if it is metals then this is definitely worth it as these are very useful to collect.

Boss Levels
The game will also give you occasional boss levels. In these you have 1 large enemy to defeat before the timer runs out. Depending on your defence level these fights will be easy or to hard to complete. If you win then you will get a good reward of money. If you fail then you will need to fight more zombies to collect money and make yourself stronger. Tap the 'Boss Coming' sign at the top when you think you are ready to face it again.

Level up
Passing the levels will get harder as you move on but make every effort to reach level 20 as quickly as you can in each city ads this will unlock a 10x multiplier on your money earning which in conjunction with other multipliers and boosts will greatly increase what you warn and therefor what you can spend on new weapons. It will then become easier to let the game play itself as you pile on the DPS with new guns and upgrades.

If you have any other tips for Idle Zombies please let us know in the comments. If you have any questions for this game please head to the Answers Page to ask them there.

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