Idle Zombies

How to play Idle Zombies

How to play Idle Zombies
Idle Zombies Guide

The basic game play of idle zombies is simple, although not very well explained. You will face wave after wave of increasingly stronger and more numerous zombies approaching your defense line. The more you kill the more progress you make through the wave but if they reach the bottom then you will start to lose progress. You will need the progress bar at the top to fill completely to finish this wave and move on to the next.

You start with a basic 'knife' weapon which you tap and swipe on the screen to damage the zombies and a single low powered gun. As you kill zombies you will earn money to spend on new weapons and weapon upgrades. Each new weapon that you unlock will cost more and more money to buy and upgrade, but will do far greater amounts of damage than the previous one.

Claim Money
As you earn money it will be shown in a 'claim' button to the lower right hand side. Make sure to tap this to claim it regularly as you cannot spend it until you have claimed it.

Level up
From time to time you will be able to tap on the City Pass button on the left had side opposite the money claim. Here you can find some free unlocks that you gain when completing waves. You can pay for a city pass to get much greater rewards, but even if you don't there are some useful upgrades that become available. Remember to claim these when you get them.

Use the money to buy new weapons and become stronger. Once you reach level 31 in your site you will unlock the next city. Each city you unlock needs to be started from scratch but will be able to earn you far more money once you start clearing the zombies there.

Offline Income
The game allows you to earn money from each city while you are offline but it does limit you to the amount of time that you will earn for. Its very useful though if you are swapping between cities as you can then claim money from each for the time you were in a different location.

There are many more aspects to the game play which we will cover in the rest of the guide. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask them there.

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