Idle Zombies

Idle Zombies

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Idle Zombies is an idle tapping game that pits you against endless waves of zombies in a range of locations. The game play is simple and undemanding so its a good game to have ready to kill time and fight back against a zombie menace.

1 - Tap on the zombies as the march towards you to kill them.
2 - Buy new weapons to do the killing for you.
3 - Upgrade the weapons to make them stronger
4 - Earn money to buy more and more weapons

There are boosts available to increase your effectiveness
Use Boost TAP x 99 to increase damage for tap
Use Boost SPEED x 2 to double game speed
Use Boost GOLD x 2 to double revenue
Use TIME JUMP inflate revenue

Collect all the weapons and control all the cites to become the best zombies killer in Idle Zombies.

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Looks like a fun game to play but there is a lot that isn't explained. Needs more tutorial.
3.8 / 5.0

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