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What is the Dog House
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What is the Dog House

Along the bottom of the screen above the weapons listing is an option to go to the Dog house. This takes you to a list of dogs to unlock . But What is the Dog House for?

The Dog house is there as a separate option to make money if you tire of the day to day grind of swiping at zombies. Each City has its own dog house where you can buy dogs. Buying the dogs only unlocks them for use. You can then put them to work

Like the weapons, each dog you unlock will cost more money but have a greater earning potential. and can be upgrades as well to increase the income.

Each dog will have a Work button and you will also see an 'All Work' button at the bottom that will start all of your unlocked dogs work process. The work process will last for a set number of seconds depending on the dog. At the end of each work process the dog will return a crate that contain money for some and metals for others.

Auto work
If you have the gold to spare there is the option for each dog to pay some gold to make them auto work. If this case the dog will continuously work and generate reward crates for you with no input needed. It is a worthwhile investment if you can do it.

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