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Idle Office Tycoon Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Idle Office Tycoon - Get Rich!

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Idle Office Tycoon is an idle clicker from Warrior Games. The idea of the game is to build an office, fill it with various companies and grow their profits! Check out our Idle Office Tycoon cheats, tips and strategy to help you understand this fun idle game and get on the right track to bringing in the cash fast!

Idle Office Tycoon Cheats, Tips and Strategy

These tips and strategy are aimed at the beginner level player that is just getting started in the game and want's to earn some money fast in the beginning. We'll look at the different free ways to get cash, and what you need to do in the game in order to progress.

1. Open Rooms
First of you'll you need to open rooms, the more rooms you have, the more companies you can contract to work in the building. This does take in-game cash to do though, so at the beginning when your cash flow is low, it may take a little longer.

Our tip here is to just take the upgrades that you need to get the office open and to keep the workers happy. Don't make unnecessary upgrades as you'll find that you soon run out of cash and have to wait a while before you can make the upgrades needed to progress.

For example, if the room just needs level 1 desks - Don't upgrade them to level 2 initially this costs a lot more cash, and in the beginning you need to be focusing on opening more rooms, instead of just maxing out one.

2. Look out for the dancing man
Get Some Free In-Game Cash
Get Some Free In-Game Cash

Outside the office building a red car will pull up often and out will pop a dancing man. Tap him to see a reward offer, you'll usually need to watch an ad to redeem the offer, but usually the in-game cash is a nice boost, especially in the beginning of the game when rental income is a little slow to grow.

3. Upgrade equally
Office Upgrades
Office Upgrades

Much like you don't want to make unnecessary upgrades, you should also upgrade your offices equally. i.e. Don't upgrade to a level 4 desk until you have all the others at level 3. Unless of course, having a single level 4 desk is a specific employee requirement (see Employee Happiness tip below)

4. Check the WeChat!
In the bottom center of the scree you'll see a pad, click it and you can see carious apps. One important one to check is the WeChat, there are important interactions with people that will sometimes lead to important bits of information about the game or give you free rewards.

5. Monitor Employee Happiness.
In a specific room, tap the employee icon, this will show the current state of your employees. This is directly related to the Facility Requirements which you can see listed above the employee icons. To ensure that the employees are happy and working well, you'll need to make sure that the office they are working in meet's their requirements.
Employee Requirements
Employee Requirements

When you start to contract higher level companies, their requirements will grow, this will mean a bigger cash investment in the room. It's important to keep an eye on this once you start taking on larger companies.

6. Monitor Energy Usage.
Your office building will only function well if you have enough energy to run the building. You can check your power usage in terms of how much excess power you have available to you by reading the number to the right of the electric bolt at the top of the screen. Once this number gets close to 10, you'll really need to upgrade your power.
Power Management
Power Management

To upgrade your power look for the power room, which will be situated in the top right of the building and there you can add more generators or increase their level in order to meet the energy consumption demands of the building.

7. Check the To Do List.
This is the icon in the bottom right of the game. If there is an exclamation mark on it, that usually means there is something to claim. Often you can double the reward by watching an ad.
To Do List
To Do List

It's also handy to check every now and again to see if there is anything on the list that you can do to claim a specific reward.

8. Add the Toilets and Upgrade Them
While they won't add to your revenue, a good washroom will enable to efficient functioning of the building and help to keep employees. So as soon as you can add the washroom and 1 toilet, then when you get more office rooms, continue to add more facilities to the washroom at level 1.

9. Add the Meeting Room
This is another important room, that will be unlocked after you have about 4 office rooms, it enables greater efficiency for employees and companies add will add their the gained EXP.

10. Add the Engineering Department
As soon as it is available to be unlocked, add the engineering department and add all of the facilities of that room to level 1. This will help a lot in the smooth operation of all of the offices in the building, and if something goes wrong, they will go and fix it automatically.

11. Move Location
After you have unlocked all of the rooms in the office and achieved a certain level you'll be offered to relocate to a new location. Here you can start over but with a much better potential to earn cash. Save up, and take this upgrade as soon as you can.

We hope you find our Idle Office Tycoon tips and strategy for beginners useful. Check out also our Questions and Answers for this game and if you need specific help, or to see what other players have been asking about this game.

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