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Review by GuestNov 17th 2023

A game to play but trapping factory owners by giving wrong orders is not right .

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Review by GuestSep 30th 2023

It's a interesting game I had ever scene. I like the game but some issues make user to dislike the game

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Review by Exstacy83Sep 27th 2023

I absolutely love this game! I found it addicting & have spent a bunch of real money on there as well as the game money too lol

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Review by GuestJul 13th 2023

I love the app. It's so fun and the best part is that you can't fail. You only get better the more you play. Very relaxing

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Review by heliumionApr 10th 2023

Quite good, though lack of diamonds can limit progress in the game.

I really enjoy the story thread and I'm keen to find out where it goes. Make sure you keep chatting to your contacts on your mobile app - that will help progress the story and unlock companies.

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Review by GuestFeb 6th 2023

Fun game, just wish you could grind for managers and not have to pay for them with real money.

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Review by GuestJan 17th 2023

I think there is a lot of delay in between, creating a rush-stop feel to this game.

There are some glitches through the game that make things challenging.

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Review by GuestSep 15th 2022

Game is fun wish there was more support for help regarding game play but overall really good.

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Review by GuestSep 14th 2022

Brilliant. Very addictive. Would be better if you could leave the employee comments up a bit longer as I need time to read them on my small screen phone.

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