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Idle Heroes Cheats and Tips

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Idle Heroes Redeem Codes ([datetime:F Y])
Idle Heroes Redeem Codes (February 2024)
We have Idle Heroes codes which you can redeem in this game to claim rewards. Although we have tested all the codes to ensure ..
Idle Heroes Tier List ([datetime:F Y])
Idle Heroes Tier List (February 2024)
Idle Heroes is a super popular idle battle game with loads of great heroes that can be unlocked. We take a look at the best ones ..
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Idle Heroes FAQs

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How to get dragon scales?

The only way to get dragon scales is by completing stages in the Brave Trial. Brave Trail unlocks when you reach level 40.

How to get lucky coins?

Sometimes these are available in some special events, however normally you have to purchase these at the wishing fountain for 50 gems each

How to get more Spirit to upgrade heroes?

There are a number of ways to get more spirit to upgrade your heroes. The best place is in the campaign, as you complete each level you'll get some spirit, plus the auto battle sequence will give you quite a lot if you've been away from the game for a number of hours. You can also get a ton fro the Marketplace, but you'll need to use gems or coins. Other places to get Spirit include the wishing fountain, daily quest and event raid.

How to Get Koi?

If you want to get more Koi for the Anniversary events then there are three main ways to do this: Collect loot from campaigns Daily rewards, some for free and some by spending gems By completing event tiers and collecting the rewards

What's the best team line-up?

If you have six natural 5 star heroes, these would be the best to use. By natural 5 star heroes, we mean ones that can only be acquired as five star heroes, not evolved into 5 star heroes. Then thinking about the positions of your heroes, you should have a tank in the main slot in the first row and another tank/high damage hero in the fist slot of the back row. Put your main damage dealer in the second slot of the first row, and fill the rest of the slots with your best cards. It's often the case that of the front row, usually only the first slot get's hit, and in the back rwo the same.

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