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Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide
Idle Heroes Guide

During June 2019, Idle Heroes celebrated it's third Anniversary! However it's not too late to pick up the game and get into it. The game is pretty well established with regular events and big support from it's developer and community, so if you've seen the game in the App Store or Play Store, it could be one to seriously think about downloading. If you've already got the game, then you may be a bit confused at the start as there are so many things on the main game screen, which is why we've put together this Idle Heroes Beginners Guide so you don't make the mistakes that we did!

Beginner Tips

1) Complete Registration
If you can complete the registration of your game with an email address and password you'll be awarded with the 5 star Hero Norma. Now Norma is by no means the best hero in the game, but she is a natural 5 star hero, so one to seriously think about trying to bag, and you can get her just by completing your game registration.

After getting the Norma shards, you'll need to summon her, and then level her up, as she will most probably be your best hero at the beginning of the game.

2) Don't waste your coins
It may seem that you have a lot of coins in the beginning, but after leveling up your main characters, you could find yourself short of coins and unable to progress until certain things refresh... Annoying! Think about whether or not you can to send those coins on forging items, or leveling up characters that you probably won't use.

3) Check out all the icons
Take a bit of time to check out all of the icons on the main game screen, so that you don't overlook an event or task that is available to you that may bring in some easy resources. Certain parts of the game are only unlocked once your account reaches a certain level.

This includes looking at the events, to see what is playable for you, and the marketplace to see if you can buy anything good with your gems or gold coins.

4) Complete the Daily Quests
You can find the Daily Quests list by tapping the purple book icon on the right side of the screen (it may be hidden, if you can't see it tap the down arrow in the top right of the screen). It's really good to check out this list, just to see what you can do in the game, and you'll find that completing the daily quests will itself bring you rewards for completing each of them.

To complete the full list however, you'll need hearts and friends to send them out to.

5) Join a Guild
There are many benefits to being part of a guild. Tap the guild icon at the bottom of the screen and apply to some that you like the look of. Probably not such a great idea to create your own guild, especially if you are new to the game.

6) Check in Daily
At the top left of the screen in the check-in screen, if you are able to, check in daily to claim the rewards there are loads of gems and hero shard to be got this way.

So hopefully this goes some way in pointing out some of the things to get you started successfully in Idle Heroes. Feel free to drop us a comment or a question if you would like to ask us or our community something about Idle Heroes.

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